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Obedience, Agility, Dog Sports

This page is designed to promote obedience, agility and other dog sports in Montana. Send all notices about obedience, agility, herding, tracking, flyball, fun matches, trials, seminars, etc. for consideration to Dianne at di@montanapets.org For local class schedules, scroll to the bottom of this page and contact the trainers in your area.

Yellowstone Dog Sports in Red Lodge offers ongoing workshops, seminars and a variety of events too numerous to list individually so check out the calendar! There's on-site accommodations too.

NADAC-oriented agility fun match ARRTI: Fort Missoula Canine Campus
Aug. 29, 2015
8:30-12:30. 3 runs, one of which will be Tunnelers.
FMI: Lynn Koeppen, lynncycle@gmail.com

Tracking weekend: Flint Creek Valley
Aug. 29/30, 2015
Location: Near Chelle Schumann’s ranch in the Flint Creek Valley. Concurrent sessions Sat/Sun mornings (newbie, TD, TDX); and in the pm’s track laying workshop (w/o dogs). Sunday afternoon practice and certification tracks. Workshop leaders: Pia Paulsen, Teressa Keenan and Judy Strom. Details and registration available mid-July.
FMI: Judy Strom, spanieltracker@gmail.com

Canine Core and Conditioning Workshop (and Privates): Bozeman
Aug. 31/Sept. 1, 2015
– with Jennifer Hill
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, jbiggers@gotdogagility.com or www.gotdogagility.com

AKC Obedience/Rally: Gt. Falls
Sept. 5/6, 2015
Gt. Falls D.T.C., Montana Expo Park
FMI: Catherine LeCours, 406-227-1131, agilityaddict@live.com

NADAC Agility: Butte
Sept. 5/6/7, 2015
3 full day Labor Day trial
GotDog? and mBarking,details forthcoming.
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, jbiggers@gotdogagility.com or www.gotdogagility.com

AKC Agility: Gt. Falls
Sept. 11/12/13, 2015
Gt. Falls Dog Training Club
King Equestrian Center
FMI: Ellen Calnan, 406-544-2418, redtileservices@gmail.com
Sign up for the mailing list at www.RedTileAgility.com to receive this premium as soon as it is released.

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Sept. 11/12/13, 2015
Galloping Dog Agility
FMI: Jean McCreight EM: mccreight98@yahoo.com

Schutzhund Trial: Bozeman
Sept. 12/13, 2015
Big Sky Working Dogs. All titles offered, with FH and FH2 by early registration only.
FMI: Janice Bogy, pj_wolf@earthlink.net

AKC Obed/Rally
Sept. 17/18/19/20, 2015
Gallatin Dog Club & Helena MT KC, Lewis & Clark Co Fairgrounds, Helena, MT.
BaRay Event Services, 360-683-1828, dogshows@barayevents.com

Nosework Seminar: Bozeman
Sept. 19, 2015 – Nosework Seminar with Wendy Krehbeil, CNWI, limited working, unlimited audit spots, Bozeman, MT.
FMI: Patricia Bruski, remington3@mtintouch.net or Carolyn Murray, Carolyn@thecannycanine.com

NACSW (Nosework) Event, Odor Recognition Test: Bozeman
Sept. 20, 2015 – The Canny Canine with Pat Bruski and Carolyn Murray, Bozeman, MT. Birch, anise, clove. FMI: Patricia Bruski, remington3@mtintouch.net or Carolyn Murray, Carolyn@thecannycanine.com
Register with NACSW by July 24: Here

AKC Agility: Helena
Oct. 2/3/4, 2015
L&C Fairgrounds
Helena Montana Kennel Club
FMI: Catherine LeCours, 406-227-1131, agilityaddict@live.com

Barn Hunt Clinics: Bozeman
Oct. 9 (Fri) – . Intro Clinic -- Working spots available. Advanced Handling -- Principals will crossover to Nosework. Crazy 8’s – Eight Rats, Two Minutes. How many rats can your dog find? Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Bozeman, MT. Registration opens August 1. FMI: Here or Barb Berry or Pat Bruski, lifeoriley@mtintouch.net

BHA Barn Hunt Trial: Bozeman
Oct. 10/11 – , Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Livestock Barn, Bozeman, MT. Details to follow. Opens August 1, closes Oct. 6. FMI: Pat Bruski, lifeoriley@mtintouch.net

Bobbie Lyons K9 Conditioning Workshop: Billings
Oct. 10/11, 2015
– . Beginner on the 10th, Advanced on the 11th. Billings, MT.
FMI: Callie Cromwell, calliecromwell@gmail.com

NADAC Agility: Whitefish
Oct. 10/11, 2015
Glacier Chasers
FMI: Carol Scranton, EM: myquickpaws@gmail.com

BHA Barn Hunt Trial: Bozeman
Oct. 10/11, 2015
Gallatin County Fairgrounds, GDAC Barn
FMI: Pat Bruski, lifeoriley@mtintouch.net

AKC TD & TDX Tracking Tests: Wolf Creek
Oct. 11, 2015
Diamond Dot Ranch, Wolf Creek, MT. Closes Oct. 1.
FMI: Claire Diane Darling, 406-622-5076, 2bassets@itstriangle.com

NADAC Agility: Helena
Oct. 30/31/Nov. 1, 2015
ARF & Running Agility Club
FMI: Kaye Davis, mtgipsy@bresnan.net

UKC Nosework Trial: Bozeman
Nov. 6/7, 2015
Details to follow.
FMI: Pat Bruski, lifeoriley@mtintouch.net

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Nov. 27/28/29, 2015
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

NACSW Event, NW1/NW3 Trial: Billings
Dec. 5/6, 2015
FMI: Pat Bruski, lifeoriley@mtintouch.net or Carolyn Murray, carolyn@thecannycanine.com

NADAC-oriented Agility Fun Match: Bozeman
Jan. 22/23/24, 2016
Galloping Dog Agility Club
FMI: Jean McCreight, EM: mccreight98@yahoo.com

NADAC-oriented Agility Fun Match: Bozeman
Mar. 18/19/20, 2016
Galloping Dog Agility Club
FMI: Jean McCreight, EM: mccreight98@yahoo.com

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Apr. 15/16/17, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Apr. 22/23/24, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

AKC Obed/Rally: Billings
May 14/15/16, 2016
Yellowstone Valley KC
White Aspen Ranch, Billings, MT. Closes April 27.
FMI: Sheila Brown, 406-698-4663, yvkcentry@aol.com

NADAC Agility: Stevensville
May 28/29/30, 2016
A Rover Runs Through It
FMI: Bethanie Ballard, bethanie@blazingworld.com

AKC Obedience/Rally: Missoula
June 26/27/28, 2016
Five Valley Kennel Club

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
July 8,9,10, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Aug. 19,20,21, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

NADAC Agility: Bozeman
Sep. 9/10/11, 2016
Galloping Dog Agility Club
FMI: Jean McCreight, EM: mccreight98@yahoo.com

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Nov. 25/26/27, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

NADAC Agility: Belgrade
Dec.2,3,4, 2016
Sponsored by GotDog?
FMI: Jeannie Biggers, EM: jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

Kennel Clubs, Training Clubs, & Classes:

Billings/Laurel/Molt area

Service Canines of Montana Service Canines of Montana trains Service Dogs for people with disabilities. We will find you a dog, or train most owned dogs. We will also do private dog obedience lessons.
FMI: call Deb Bouwkamp, 628-9852 or EM to sercom19@outlook.com

Agility taught by Jennifer McCandles: agility classes, puppy confidence classes, and manners classes at the Animal Lodge Pet Resort.
FMI, EM to jmccandl@usadig.com

Kritterkare's Paws-a-tively Canine! offers group classes for puppies to adults. Year round classes offered include HeadStart for all ages, Puppy Kindergarten, Basic, Intermediate and Advance training. Freestyle/Heel to Music, Rally-O and Conformation classes are offered also during the winters. Puppy Pre-Agility, Agility Foundation Ground Work and Herding Foundation are offered during the summers. In-Home Behavior Counseling and Private Lessons are available for dogs, cats and other pets. Contact Helene Tiefenthaler, CPDT, IAABC Assoc., APDT Professional at kritterkare@cablemt.net or call (406) 628-6140.


Galloping Dog Agility Club
Agility Classes all levels. Contact Renee Gaugler rgaugler@firsthorizon.com or call (406)-580-7397.

Paws and People Dog Training Business
Building a better relationship through positive training. We offer Puppy Socialization, Group Classes, Privates and Consultations. All classes are clicker based, were we learn communication instead of domination.
Contact Nancy Tanner at nancy@pawsandpeople.com

K9FUNdamentals: offers Puppy Kindergarten, Foundation Skills for Agility and Competition,and Family Manners classes in the Bozeman area. Learn how dogs learn through a balanced approach to training that emphasises motivational training using play, treats and toys. Make learning fun and rewarding for both partners while building a foundation for competition or companionship. Contact Sami Jones at lodestar@mcn.net or call (406)-388-1047.

Anduril Dog Training & Boarding: offering community obedience classes. Contact Rob & Cara Greg Greger at RobGreger@AOL.COM or call (406)-585-7817.

Bozeman Agility Classes: taught by Nancy Creel: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Contact Nancy Creel at nmcreel@bresnan.net or call (406)-522-7748 to see if there are openings in classes.

GotDog? LLC NADAC santioned club offering NADAC trials, classes, seminars and workshops.
FMI: Jeannie Biggers (406) 580-8098 or jbiggers@gotdogagility.com

Vom Mutigen Haus Dog Training
FMI: Davina K. Schoen vmh1dogtrainer@gmail.com

Happy Hounds Training, Inc. offers puppy socialization and foundation dog obedience classes on Tuesday evenings and beginning agility on Wednesday evenings. All classes are taught using positive teaching methods to create confidence and support successful behaviors in our canine pals. Private lessons and consultations are also available.
FMI: www.happy-hound.com
FMI: Linda Lyon at (406) 683-2878 or llyon99163@yahoo.com

ASC of Montana (the Montana affiliate) of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA®), is a breed club for Australian Shepherd fanciers, trainers, competitors, and breeders. The objectives of our club are to promote the natural qualities of Australian Shepherds and provide educational and competitive opportunities for their owners. We sponsor educational events as well as dog competitions and dog shows. With the exception of conformation shows, our activities are open to all breeds. Club members have access to various dog training resources, activities and facilities all across Montana. Our members live all over the state. If you have an interest in Aussies or dog sports and would like to know more, you may visit our website at ASC of Montana

Great Falls

Great Falls Dog Training Club is an all breed obedience club licensed by the AKC serving North Central Montana.

Electric City KC The Electric City Kennel Club is an All-Breed Conformation and Obedienc Club licensed by The American Kennel Club.

Russell Country Dog Training Club is an all-breed obedience club licensed by the United Kennel Club.
FMI: Corine Lindhorst, (406) 454-3598 or hiplain@mt.net

F&L Pet Resort Inc.
Agility, Obedience, CGC
See: Calendar of Events
FMI: (406) 452-6828 or Cathy at 899-1118.
EM: cathy@flpetresort.com

2++Dog Training
Nicki Arndt (Arndt Racing and Dog Training) 406-369-0707
Inge Goetz-Cordova (Potential Unleashed Dog Training) 406-529-1574
We each have our individual business where we do private training to meet a variety of needs of the pet owner and then we teach classes together under 2++ dog Training.
We both are Certified Per Dog Trainers and have many years of experience in a variety of training environments.inge@goetz-cordova.com


Helena Montana Kennel Club, Inc.
Check the HMKC website for information on obedience/agility classes taught by the HMKC.
FMI: call Vicki Maclean at 442-1918.

Arf and Running Agility Club: NADAC

Adele Delp: Obedience EM to delp@mt.net Website: www.caninefit.com

Kim Gould: Obedience/Agility Group Obedience, Private lessons, Beginning/Advanced pet classes and Novice Competition Obedience. CGC Classes: to prepare & earn your Canine Good Citizen certificate
Therapy Dog Classes, Tricks Classes
FMI call Kim at (406)-439-8858 or EM to dogtrainer@mt.net for complete class schedules.

Custom Canines: Rachelle Timmer
Specialty training including service dogs for the hearing impaired, mobility impaired, and diabetic alert dogs. I also do scent work and tracking dogs. Email for flyer.
FMI: 406-459-2901 Custom_Canines@yahoo.com

Kalispell/Flathead Valley Area

Darcy's Dog Obedience and Good Manners Classes
Regular group classes in Dog Obedience and Good Manners. Classes focus on socialization and positive reinforcement.
Darcy is a a certified CGC tester. Private lessons also available.
Call 406-752-4460 or EM to Darcybob@centurytel.net

Northwest Pet Partners
FMI contact Vicki Lee at 406-218-8202 or barknk9s@yahoo.com


Five Valley Kennel Club is an AKC All-Breed Club sponsoring conformation, rally, lure coursing, obedience, agility and carting. FMI see our website.

Private Handling Lessons & Litter evaluations: by Susan Lassila of Shadowalk Kennels in Stevensville
FMI: susan@shadowalk.com

A Rover Runs Through It (ARRTI) is an agility club that owns a full set of equipment, trains together, and holds several trials a year. Guests and visitors are always welcome, and new members as well! FMI visit their website.

Treasure State Dog Training is offering obedience classes using "individual" appropriate methods. Puppy, Beginner, CD Prep, Rally and CGC Classes are available. FMI: Erin Barr treasurestate_dogtraining@yahoo.com or cell phone (406) 239-2379.

Generation Canine: offers group classes and private lessons for dogs of all ages. Check the website for a complete list of classes or a schedule.
FMI: contact Lora O'Connor at (406) 543-2633 or e-mail to generationcanine@yahoo.com

Beginning and Advanced Tracking Classes are available in Missoula. Group classes as well as private and semi private lessons are available. FMI contact Teressa Keenan at 406-721-3309 or email to rioghail@msn.com

Dog Training Solutions
My goal is to improve your ability to communicate with your pet while teaching a variety of practical behaviors that make life for both of you more enjoyable.
FMI: contact Brian Haller at (406) 370-4481 or e-mail to brian@mtdogtraining.com

Miles City

The Controversial Canine
FMI: Erika Phillips (406) 421-5539 or e-mail to lephillips@rangeweb.net


Therapy Pet Skills Classes Beginners (Dogs and Cats)
Therapy Pet Skills Classes Advanced (Dogs only)
Canine Good Citizens Classes and Testing
Delta Society Pet Therapy Parnters Evlauations
Classes available in Missoula, Polson, Kalispell
FMI contact Vicki Lee at 406-218-8202 or barknk9s@yahoo.com

St. Ignatius
All Dogs Training and The MT Dog Ranch. Offering quality, low stress boarding at our unique facility in the Mission Valley. Pick up and delivery service is available from Missoula to Polson. Also offering private lessons from puppies to adult dogs with problem behavior. Lessons in your home or at the Dog Ranch. You can find us on the web at MT Dog Ranch.
FMI: Sarah Gibson at sarah@alldogstraining.biz or call 406-327-7996.


Riverbend Agility Dogs offering basic and advanced obedience, puppy classes, agility, Rally-O as well as behavioral counseling, boarding and training programs. Contact Jackie Loeser, CPDT at jackie@blackdog.cc or call (401)-381-1945.

Smakwater and Sprezzatura is a full service kennel, providing professional dog boarding, training,and conditioning for all medium to large breed dogs. We specialize in basic obedience training for both the companion dog and sporting / hunting dog. In addition, we offer advanced training for those who are interested in more precise and demanding tasks. Please visit our web site learn more about us.
FMI: Laura at webmail@smakwaterandsprezzatura.com or call 406-207-3515.


Just Fur Fun Dog Sports offers group classes and private lessons for dogs of all ages, from beginning classes to the most advanced classes in obedience and agility. Classes focus on socialization and positive reinforcement motivational training using play, treats and toys. Bring your naughty dogs here!!! FMI: Dawn Sandberg at (406)-822-3294 or email: JustFurFunDogs@aol.com

Thompson Falls
Would you like to have fun with other dogs and people, learn to communicate clearly with your dog and give your dog a chance to make new friends? Dogs enjoy the company of their own kind plus it's much easier to learn how to speak "dog" when you can see them talking to each other. We'll cover all the bases; walk nicely without pulling, sit, down, stay, come and bring me a cold one. LOL! Really, we can all learn new tricks and there is nothing more enjoyable than a well mannered canine family member. FMI: Call Donna at 826-4544 or Donna at 745-3401 to register and for an equipment list.

Obedience, Rally, and Agility have arrived in Sanders County! Classes held Tuesday nights at the high school thru spring, summer and fall. Absolute beginners start with DOGGY BOOT CAMP, a 3-week class for $40. After that, drop-in classes in advanced manners and the dog sports mentioned above are FREE. Classes taught by a professional trainer with many titles and 20 years' experience in training and dog behavior. For more info, call Jan Manning, 406-827-6385, or email: thedogtalker@blackfoot.net


Hot Cha Kennels
Classes in attention, basic and advanced obedience, tracking, and weight pull. Email for complete class listing.
FMI: Contact Joni Muir Joni@hotchakennels.com or call 406-642-6333.