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"One by one until there are none..."

About This Website

Dedicated in loving memory of my brother, Larry, who shared our vision of creating something to help as many shelter animals to find loving homes as was humanly possible, and also in memory of Sadie and Nugget, our once in a lifetime dogs.

Our goal

The goal of this page is to increase adoptions of Montana pets currently held in shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups across the state.

Our philosophy

We strongly support spay/neutering of all non-show quality companion animals prior to any litters.

We believe pets should go to screened homes only and be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

We applaud and support the efforts of rescue groups, breed clubs, and kennel clubs working towards these same goals.

We oppose the sale of live animals in pet stores and applaud those who have already opted to show only shelter pets in their stores.

We oppose purchasing purebreds from back yard breeders, puppy mills, or anyone who breeds for any purpose other than to better the breed.

All Montana humane societies and shelters are welcome to list their animals on this site. Click HERE to see the criteria for participation in MT Pets on the Net.