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Purebred Page    Last Updated: 2/23/18 7pm Scroll down to see a quick list of dogs in the 20# category, special needs pets, and "other pets" not wearing a dog or cat outfit. If you see a pet you're interested in, click on that shelter or rescue to see pictures and bio. If you don't see what you're hoping for, click on "waiting list" in the left column and we'll help you find one. There are many additional pets in each shelter also. To see a complete list, click on each individual shelter heading.

Life Savers Animal Rescue in Polson
Dachshund/Pomeranian SF 2 yrs.
English Shepherd SF 1 yr.
GSD 1 yr. female
Yellow Lab NM 8 yrs.
Manx calico SF 10 yrs.
Siamese X SF 1 yr.
Siamese/Calico SF 2 yrs.
Special Needs: DSH, adult, asthmatic
Special Needs: DSH, tabby, NM, 6 mos., lost an eye to glaucoma.
Siamese X SF adult
Special Needs: Siamese 8 mos. female, with neurological damage from a dog attack, manages very well
FMI: call (406) 883-5978 or email to: jimcrawford@centurytel.net

Mission Valley Animal Shelter in Polson
Chihuahua young adult female
Boxer adult male
FMI: call (406)-883-5312 or email to: mvas@ronan.net

Beaverhead County Animal Shelter in Dillon
Black Lab NM 5 yrs.
Border Collie (3) NM 1 yr.
Mastiff NMM 3 yrs.
Rottweiler SF 3 yrs. (adoption pending)
Westie X NM 2 yrs.
Corgi X NM 5 yrs.
Chiweenie SF 1 yr.
Belgian Sheepdog NM 5 yrs.
Chihuahua NM 9 yrs.
Chihuahua X (2) SF 1 yr.; NM 1.5 yrs.; NM 4 yrs.
Special Needs: Chihuahua X SF 3 yrs. HBC, lost an eye and has a healing leg fracture
Terrier X NM 2 yrs.
GSD NM 1 yr.; NM 2 yrs.; SF 2 yrs.; NM 3 yrs.
Mastiff NM 4 yrs.
Pit Bull NM young adult
Yellow Lab NM 3 yrs.
Manx SF adult
FMI: call (406)-683-8119 or email to bvhdpets@qwestoffice.net

Humane Society of Western Montana in Missoula
See webpage for details.
FMI: call (406)-549-3934 or email to: adoptions@myhswm.org

Missoula Animal Control in Missoula
FMI: call (406)-541-7387 or email to: animalcontrol@co.missoula.mt.us

Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena
FMI: call (406)-442-1660 or email to lchsdirector@mt.net

Flathead County Animal Shelter in Kalispell
See webpage for details.
FMI: call (406)-752-1310 or email to: fcas@flathead.mt.gov

Pet Paw-see Rescue in Gt. Falls
Special needs: DSH, 2 male kitten; 1 SF adult with Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Special Needs: DSH, SF kitten FELV+
Special Needs: DSH, NM adult, 3 legs
Special Needs: DSH, NM adult orange tabby, was shot, is continent but tail is damaged temporarily vs permanent (adoption pending)
DLH/Siamese SF adult
Russian Blue SF kitten
Siamese female kitten
Siamese X SF 10-12 wks.; SF 9 mos.; SF adult
Siamese SF male kitten
FMI: call (406)-761-0030 or email to leslie10@att.net

Great Falls Animal Shelter in Gt. Falls
FMI: call (406)-454-2276 or email to: gfanimalshelter@greatfallsmt.net

Dedman Foundation in Ft. Benton
DLH/Siamese SF adult
Siamese SF young adult
FMI: call (406)-622-5657 or email to dedmanf@mtintouch.net

Butte Animal Shelter/Animal Control in Butte
FMI: call (406)-782-8450 or email Jacki at: bsbanimalshelter@bsb.mt.gov

4 Paws Rescue in Cardwell/Whitehall
Russian Blue NM kitten
Siamese lynx point/snowshoe NM kitten (out on PAWSability)
Dogs, Cats, Kittens: Contact Misty 406-439-1405
Email: rluvpups2@gmail.com

Pintler Pets in Anaconda
Pit Bull SF 6 yrs.
German Shepherd Dog SF 4 yrs.
Chihuahua X NM 5-6 yrs.
Chihuahua young adult female
Pom X SF adult (out on a test drive with her bro)
Labrador/Poodle X 6 wks. 3 female (adoption pending on 1), 2 male
Special Needs: Pointer X SF young adult, needs ACL surgery due to being attacked by a pack of dogs. Approx. cost $2000. Can you help?

Special Needs: Heeler/Hound X SF 2 yrs. diabetic
Australian Shepherd NM 1-2 yrs. (adoption pending)
Russian Blue X NM 4-5 yrs.; NM 5-6 yrs.
Siamese seal point NM young adult
Siamese lynx point SF adult
Siamese X SF 12 yrs.; SF 4 yrs.
DSH/Manx adult female
Russian Blue X NM young adult; NM adult
FMI: call (406) 563-7464 or Pat: (406) 563-2564 or email to: pintler_petsmt@yahoo.com

Heart of the Valley in Bozeman
FMI: call (406)-388-9399 or email to Adopt@heartofthevalleyshelter.org

Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue
Corgi X 3 males 8 wks.
FMI: Diana Stafford in Manhattan: tinytailsk9rescue@live.com or call (406)-580-2006.

Kootenai Pets for Life in Libby
Siamese NM kitten
Maine Coon NM young adult; SF older adult
Maine Coon X 10 yrs. male
FMI: call (406)-293-5735 or email to kootenaipetsforlife@yahoo.com

Flathead Spay Neuter Task Force in Kalispell
Siamese X male kitten
FMI: call (406)-892-7387 or email Lee at: peace.song@gmx.com

Bitter Root Humane Association in Hamilton
Pit Bull NM 8 yrs.; SF 15 yrs.
AmStaff NM 7 yrs.; NM 5 yrs.
Himalayan SF young adult
Manx SF 4 yrs.; NM 3 mos.
Special Needs: DSH orange tabby diabetic NM 8 yrs.
Special Needs: DSH black/white NM 4 yrs. 3-legs
Persian X NM 4 yrs.
Special Needs: Torbie SF 11 yrs. mobility impaired
Burmese blue lynx point SF 12 yrs.
Bombay X SF 9 yrs.; SF 4 yrs.; NM 7 yrs.; NM 4 mos.
Siamese lilac point NM 10 yrs.
Maine Coon X SF 11 yrs.; SF 8 yrs.
DLH//Maine Coon X SF 13 yrs.
Persian X SF 4 yrs.; SF 3 mos.
FMI: call (406) 363-5311 or email to brhafront@bitterroothumane.org

PAWS in Chinook
Schnauzer X NM young adult
Shih Tzu X SF 1 yr. (adoption pending on both)
FMI: Sue email: pawsdogs@hotmail.com (preferred)
FMI: call Laura at (406)-390-2651 (leave message between 10am and 8pm only please)

RezQ Dogs in the Ft. Belknap area
FMI: Anita: (406)-383-4473 or rezqdogs@gmail.com

Pet Connection in Troy
FMI: call (406)-291-4091 or email Juli at: nutsforpets@yahoo.com

Cut Bank Animal Shelter
FMI: call (406)-873-4624 or email to cutbankanimalshelter@hotmail.com

Shelby/Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter in Shelby
FMI: call 406-450-1671 or email to hello@prairieoasismt.org

Conrad Animal Pound in Conrad
FMI: Ginny at 868-7981

Kaawa’pomaaka Society in Browning
FMI: Deb (406) 338-7729 or denickou@3rivers.net

Rimrock Humane Society in Roundup near Billings
FMI: call (406)-323-3687 or email to wschurch@midrivers.com

Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Thompson Falls
FMI: call (406)-827-8722 or email to shelter@pet-tracs.com

Pet Assistance League
FMI: Shannon at (406)-366-3724 or email to: lovemykids084@gmail.com or leave a msg. at the shelter (406)-535-2990.

P.A.W.H.S. in Deer Lodge

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter in Billings
FMI: call (406)-294 7387 or email to Chris.Anderson@yvas.org

Billings Animal Rescue Kare in Billings

Help Every Pet in Hardin
FMI: call Eshan at (406)-620-0168 or email helpeverypet22@gmail.com
FMI: Rebecca at (406)-679-3715 or email to rebeccashirley32@gmail.com Please note there is no shelter building in Hardin. Animals are kept in vet clinics and homes.

Animal Welfare League in Laurel near Billings
FMI: call (406)-628-6019 from 1:00 - 5:00 pm or email to Animalwelfare@aol.com

Prison Paws for Humanity in Billings (see pics/bios)
FMI: Call (406)-247-5162 or email to: kmikelson@mt.gov

Last Chance Cat Sanctuary in Billings
FMI: call (406)-248-2388 or email to whitetoes@bresnan.net

Humane Society of Northwest Montana in Kalispell
FMI: call (406)-752-7297 or email to: marje@hsnwmt.com

Humane Society of Park County in Livingston
FMI: call (406)-222-2111 or email to: staffordshelter@imt.net

Humane Society of the United States, Northern Rockies Regional Office in Billings
FMI: call (406)-255-7161 or email to SLee@hsus.org

Billings Animal Shelter (pics/bios)
FMI: call (406)-657-8226 or email to bas@ci.billings.mt.us

Anaconda Animal Shelter in Anaconda
FMI: Call (406)-563-4070 and after hours (406)-563-5241.

Bright Eyes Animal Care in Choteau
FMI: Call Terri at (406) 466-2461 or email: brighteyes@montana.com

Colstrip Animal Control in Colstrip
FMI: Call (406)-748-2211 or email to animalcontrol@bhwi.net

MonDak Humane Society in Sidney (pics/bios)
FMI: Call 1-701-577-PETS or email to mondakhs@hotmail.com

Havre Animal Control in Havre
FMI: Call (406)-265-4361 or 265-2959.

Libby Animal Facility in Libby
FMI: Call (406)-293-4040 or email to anicont@libby.org