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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig
features sixteen true stories of lost pets that overcame unbelievable odds before finding their way home. Appropriate for all ages. All stories have happy endings. Mail orders through this site are autographed and go out within 24 hrs. or order at any bookstore, ISBN# 0-9671779-0-1 published by: RONDI Enterprises. Retails for $7.95. Click on the book for previews. You may also order through paypal.com by entering the email address montanapets@earthlink.net Profits go to support this site.

"Arf Angels and Other Heavenly Creatures"

True Stories of Animal Visitations
by Anita Perry
Shipping: $1.50

ISBN: 0759654360, Paperback, 188 Pages, 43 pictures

Mention Montana Pets on the Net in the Comment Field of the order form, and they will earn a $3.00 donation for each book purchased. To place an order, click here.

Containing fifty true stories of animal visitations, Arf Angels describes pet owners’ experiences and how they have seen, smelled, felt, and/or heard their pets after the pets’ passing.  These animal “ghost stories” illustrate the unique and powerful bond that exists between a pet and its owner.

Compelling and uplifting, Arf Angels tells the whole story from beginning to end and then beyond in a sensitive, charming, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, and loving way.  If you have had a similar experience, these stories can validate your feelings and offer consolation.  Tips on dealing with grief and a list of Internet resources are included.  

A great gift for animal lovers and anyone who has lost a beloved pet.  Order here.