CH Barwoods Impact

                CH Goldenhylite's The Phantom

                        Goldenhylite's Hiway To Heaven

        Goldenhylite's Masquerade

                        Alfenloch Inferno

                Goldenhylite's Dynasty

                        Kevlaurs Golden Hylite Madonna


                        CH Banchory Peerless

                CH Sanchar World Class

                        Banchory Painted On

        CH Kensil's Patch of Ice

                        CH Banchory Feel My Thunder

                CH Caledon Partly Cloudy

                        Caledon Perfectly Clear

Kelsey was born 7/25/95 at Kensil's Shelties in Eugene, Oregon and purchased 9/21/95 in Helena, Montana.

Kensil's Shelties is:

David & Sylvia Calderwood
28104 Spencer Creek Road
Eugene, OR 97405-9704
(541) 342-1958

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