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Resident Cat List

GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

5/22/2018   [18-075]   Bridgette
DSH,  torbi,  Female spayed,  Adult  
5/19/2018   [18-074]   Kitten K
DSH,  brown tabby,  Male,  Kitten  
5/19/2018   [18-073]   Kitten J
DSH,  black,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 5/14/2018   [18-072]   Simba 2
DLH,  orange tabby,  Male,  Adult  

[Picture] 5/14/2018   [18-071]   Chevy
DMH,  black,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
5/13/2018   [18-070]   Lenny
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male,  Kitten  
STRAY: Black Eagle, MT

5/11/2018   [18-069]   Becky
DSH,  brown tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
STRAY: Vaughn, Montana

5/11/2018   [18-068]   Linda
DSH,  gray tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
STRAY: Vaughn, Montana

[Picture] 5/6/2018   [18-067]   Gato
DSH,  black,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
ABANDONED: Abandoned at Whalen Tire on Central West
Gato's story started at Whalen's Tire on Central Avenue West. Caught on tape, a green van pulled up and left 5 cats in a box. All scattered but Gato. He is extremely loving. He is a busy boy who loves to play however is ready for love at the drop of a hat. Looking for a super guy? Gato would be the one.
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-066]   Susan
DSH,  calico,  Female,  Kitten  
OWNER TURN IN: Susan is one of the Narnia 4. She is super cuddly and purrs instantly She loves her naps!
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-065]   Edmond
DSH,  white/black,  Male,  Kitten  
OWNER TURN IN: Edmond is one of the Narnia 4. He is a little retiring at first meet however warms up quickly and purrs automatically. He loves his belly rubs!
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-064]   Peter
DSH,  gray tabby,  Male,  Kitten  
OWNER TURN IN: Peter is one of the Narnia 4. Peter is known as Peter the Brave. He is always wrestling, climbing (especially pant legs) and wants to be in the middle of everything.
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-063]   Lucy
DSH,  orange tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
OWNER TURN IN: Lucy is one of the Narnia 4. She is the first kitten of her litter to try anything. She is brave and outgoing. Her favorite thing to do is eat!
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-062]   Rachel
DSH,  brown tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-061]   Monica
DSH,  brown tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-060]   Joey
DSH,  black/white,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-059]   Ross
DSH,  black/white,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-058]   Jedi
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male,  Kitten  

[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-057]   Obi
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male,  Kitten  

[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-056]   Luke
DSH,  black tabby,  Male,  Kitten  

[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-055]   Yoda
DSH,  black tabby,  Male,  Kitten  

[Picture] 5/3/2018   [18-054]   Pascal
DLH,  brown tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Residential area behind Walmart

[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-053]   Hal
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  

[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-052]   Marcia
DSH,  brown tabby,  Female,  Kitten  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-051]   Sodapop
DSH,  brown tabby,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-050]   Cherry
DSH,  black/white,  Female,  Kitten  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-049]   Darrell
DSH,  black & white with white stripes,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-048]   Ponyboy
DSH,  gray & white,  Male,  Kitten  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-047]   Raven
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
[Picture] 4/29/2018   [18-046]   Asa
DSH,  gray/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Northside of Great Falls

[Picture] 4/20/2018   [18-044]   Maurice Morris
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Upper South Side

[Picture] 4/15/2018   [18-042]   Gunner
DSH,  black/white tuxedo,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Riverview

[Picture] 4/15/2018   [18-041]   Sweet Kitty
DSH,  torbi,  Female spayed,  Adult  
STRAY: Airway Motel

[Picture] 4/7/2018   [18-039]   Simba
DLH,  orange tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: NW Side of Great Falls

[Picture] 4/7/2018   [18-038]   Blackie
DSH,  black,  Male neutered,  Older Adult  

[Picture] 3/12/2018   [18-032]   Dale
DSH,  black/white tuxedo,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
STRAY: Park Dale
My name is Dale. I was free roaming in a housing development called Parkdale all winter. I am now safe from dogs, cars and unfortunate situations that occur when cats are allowed to free roam. I am a sweet boy and ready for my own special family.
[Picture] 2/24/2018   [18-028]   Sweet Pea Gray
DLH,  gray,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Fuzzy long-haired guy looking for a new home. I'm a former feral cat that was taken into a loving home and turned into a snuggly housecat. I haven't been around any dogs or small children because I used to live with an elderly man but I did live with three other cats.
[Picture] 2/24/2018   [18-027]   Chloe
DLH,  gray/white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Beautiful long-haired gal who is looking for someone new to love. I'm a former feral cat that was taken into a loving home and turned into a friendly housecat. I haven't been around any dogs or small children because I used to live with an elderly man but I did live with three other cats.
[Picture] 2/10/2018   [18-017]   Socksie Moxie
DSH,  brown tabby,  Male neutered,  9 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Socksie Moxie is an active nine-year-old. He loves an occasional dash around the house and a tussle with a catnip toy. He will curl up on your lap and purr softly. His only special need is an exclusive diet of C/D food (dry and wet) to keep his urinary tract healthy.
[Picture] 12/25/2017   [17-179]   Yule
DSH,  gray tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Grandview Trailer Court
I was found at Grandview Trailer Court living outdoors for the last couple of years. I love to be petted because I was owned by someone at some time. I am currently shy, however, please remember change can be hard. At the trailer court I would follow people while they were out walking. If you wonder how I received my name, I was brought into the arms of the Pet Paw-see on Christmas Eve, when it was so very, very cold.
[Picture] 11/23/2017   [17-171]   Cheddar
DSH,  orange/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: I was originally found outside free roaming and went to live with a great dad. However, I started to have health issues and he wasn't able to keep me. I am now doing great however I have to be on C/D Food to help prevent Urinary Tract Issues. I am a loving boy looking for a special family that will keep me healthy.
[Picture] 11/21/2017   [17-169]   Lady
DMH,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
STRAY: Pleasantville Trailer Court
Lady was found free roaming at the Pleasantville Trailer Court. Over the past years she had many litters of kittens. One day, Lady's guardian angel said "enough is enough". She was able to catch Lady and contacted the Pet Paw-see. Lady was welcomed into our program. All was going well until about 2 weeks after having been in our program, Lady had a medical incident. The Vet is not sure what occurred however Lady's head now tilts to her left. In time, we hope that this will get better. If you are willing to open your heart to a special needs girl, Lady would thank you for your help.
[Picture] 11/1/2017   [17-155]   Zoey
DSH,  brown tabby,  Female spayed,  Adult  
STRAY: Black Eagle
Zoey was found free roaming in Black Eagle. She was pregnant and in need of help. She gave birth to five beautiful kittens who have all been adopted. It's now Zoey's turn. She has a difficult time with other cats and truly wants back outside. She will learn that staying indoors is the safest for her. She is a loving girl. Zoey is currently residing in the habitat at the Great Falls Petco. Please stop in and visit with her. She is a darling, young, petite girl.
[Picture] 8/20/2017   [17-118]   Dandelion
DSH,  orange tabby,  Male neutered,  Kitten  
This boy sprouted up like a dandelion in a yard full of cats and kittens. He was the only yellow one out of many black and tabby ones. He is a very sweet mellow little guy. A bit timid at first but then he melts like butter. Born late spring 2017. He is neutered and had his first set of shots.
7/27/2017   [17-080]   Roly Poly
DLH,  dilute calico,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: My name is Roly Poly. I was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This means that when I was in my mom's womb she was exposed to panleukopenia. This caused the cerebellum part of my brain to be underdeveloped. This affects my coordination and muscular activity. I will never get any better nor any worse. I do best with no stairs and carpet vs hardwood floors. I would do better in a home with no other pets. Special need kitties rock!
[Picture] 4/30/2017   [17-014]   Caleb
DSH,  gray tabby,  Male neutered,  4 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hi! My name is Caleb. I am 4 years old and looking for a new family. Sadly, my family's asthma didn't allow me to stay with them. It has been very difficult for both of us. I am very loving and am pretty easy going. Looking for a nice guy? Remember my name, Caleb.
[Picture] 7/19/2016   [16-083]   Fancy
DSH,  gray tabby,  Female spayed,  9 yrs.  
Fancy is 9 years old and has lived indoors since she was a kitten with her elderly and devoted human mom. In late June, her mom was whisked away in an ambulance. For five weeks Fancy lived alone waiting for her mom. A friend visited every few days to bring her food and water and clean her box. Sadly her mom has passed and the Pet Paw-see promised to find a loving home for Fancy. She is a very sweet girl and perhaps because she was lonely all those weeks, she is very affectionate. She has a plush, super soft dark tabby coat which she keeps immaculately clean. If you have love to give this beautiful girl, please ask about Fancy!
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