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DSH/Russian Blue  Color: blue
Female spayed, Kitten
STRAY, Construction site
My sister and I were a duo hanging out at a construction site but we decided we deserved to be pampered and treated like divas so we got out of there looking for a better life. We deserve fancy toys, soft beds and jeweled collars. We love being a duo and sound great together however the solo career would be great too - all the more pampering you know. Lady Blue is a little bigger, all the better for those bigger sounds, whereas Kitty Purry is more the pop sound. Right now we have to attend charm school to tame our ways but we will be ready for that diva life soon. Yeah, Lady Blue finally graduated. She is definitely a strong willed girl but finally has decided that petting is just fine. Born late spring 2017. Spayed and first set of shots.
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