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Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 9/13/2018   [18-09-003]   Betty
Labrador/Boxer X,  black/brown shaded,  Female,  Young Adult  
STRAY: Carquest on Commercial St.
Betty was found in Anaconda as a stray by Carquest on Commercial Street. She has a pretty, shaded brown and black coat. She is a happy girl and is just a big, lanky sweet goof of a dog.
[Picture] 9/12/2018   [18-09-004]   Bella Black
Pit Bull,  black,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
STRAY: Wells Fargo Bank, Anaconda
Bella is a super sweet girl, but is big and strong. She has an impressive big,square head and a compact body. I appears that she had puppies in the recent past. Spayed 09/13/2018.
[Picture] 9/11/2018   [18-09-001]   Hondo
Pit Bull X,  white/reddish brown,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
Hondo was abandoned, dropped off at animal control, and transferred to us on 09/11/2018. He is a sweet boy and is very trainable. He listens and walks pretty darn well on a leash. His colors are beautiful and he seems like a healthy sort.
[Picture] 9/8/2018   [18-09-002]   Fiona
Chihuahua/Cattledog X,  light brown/white/black,  Female,  8 wks.  
OWNER TURN IN: Fiona was transferred to us by another rescue person. She is about 8 weeks old and was originally an owner surrender. Fiona is a small pup, and will probably not get very big as an adult, maybe 25-30 pounds at most. Of course, knowing nothing of her background, we are guessing that she is Chihuahua and a cattledog mix. She sure is smart, and has a wonderful personality.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-033]   Hannah
Shepherd X,  sable/white/black muzzle,  Female,  8 weeks  
OWNER TURN IN: Tiny imp transferred from another rescue. Owner surrender. Sister to Colton. They were about 8 weeks old upon arrival. She is a sweet innocent gal. She will be de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed before leaving. Adoption pending.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-029]   Millie
Dachshund X,  grizzled gray/tan,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Millie is a sweet little lady who is either a dachshund or a corgi mix. She is a nice dog deserving of a stable, secure home where she will be loved and protected. Millie has a tan and gray, grizzled coat, and ears that both stand up and/or fold over depending on what is happening around her. She is a darling dog who needs some good food and walkies to get her girlish figure back. Millie has obviously had puppies recently, but we do not have them.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-031]   Sally
Cattledog X,  light brindle/white,  Female,  10-12 wks.  
OWNER TURN IN: Sally is about 10-12 weeks old; she arrived 08/26/2018. She has a pretty, light tan brindle coat with white accents. Could she possibly have some Boxer in her heritage? The rest of her looks like a cowdog of uncertain parentage. Sally would love to run through the sage after a rain. It doesn't matter her lineage, she is happy to be who she is, and you will be too (I can't think of any other words that end in 'age'! Turn the page.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-034]   Andrea's Keno
Heeler/Border Collie X,  tri - black/white/brown,  Male neutered,  6-7 wks.  
OWNER TURN IN: Keno, Jackson, Kara, Flicka, and Flossie are littermates and are pups of Andrea. We do not know who the father was. They are not quite ready for adoption yet but will be soon. Keno looks much like a tri-color Border collie, but Mom is a red merle Heeler. All our pets are de-wormed, vaccinated appropriate for their age, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. We do not do same day / on the spot adoptions. Keno, Jackson, Kara, Flicka, and Flossie are littermates and are pups of Andrea. We do not know who the father was. They are not quite ready for adoption yet but will be soon. Keno looks much like a tri-color Border collie, but Mom is a red merle Heeler. All our pets are de-wormed, vaccinated appropriate for their age, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. We do not do same day / on the spot adoptions. You are always welcome to visit though. Our adoption application is under Adoptions on this site. Adoption pending.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-039]   Andrea
Heeler X,  light red merle/white,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Andrea arrived 08/26/2018 along with her five puppies: Keno, Jackson, Kara, Flicka, and Flossie. She will be weaning them soon and be ready for a life of her own. Andrea put the 'heel' in Heeler, walking nicely along beside you - looking to you for direction. She just wants to please. She loves to give kisses and will make a faithful friend. You have to look past the poor coat quality she has now, partially because she had puppies and partially because of her poor diet previously. She will bloom with proper care and attention. She will be a beauty, blooming where she is planted. Adoption pending.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-038]   Andrea's Flossie
Heeler/Border Collie X,  tri-black/white/brown,  Female spayed,  6-7 wks.  
OWNER TURN IN: Keno, Jackson, Kara, Flicka, and Flossie are pups of Andrea. We do not know who the father was. They arrived 08/26/2018 at 6 to 7 weeks of age. They are not quite ready for adoption yet but will be soon. Flossie is a cute, little, energetic, tricolor pup who looks more like a Border collie than a Heeler. All our pets are de-wormed, vaccinated appropriate for their age, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. We do not do same day / on the spot adoptions. Our adoption application is on montanapets.org/pp under Adoptions.
[Picture] 8/26/2018   [18-08-030]   Huey
Collie X,  brown/white/black,  Male neutered,  10-12 wks.  
OWNER TURN IN: Huey is just a darling dog, looking forward to a life full of fun and adventures. He is not a rough collie, but is rather a Border collie cross, or some other cattle dog arrangement. He is mostly a fluffy, brown and white pup with just a hint of black. Adoption pending.
[Picture] 8/21/2018   [18-08-027]   Vickie
Bulldog/Pit Bull X,  white/tan,  Female spayed,  12 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Vickie arrived 08/21/2018 transferred to Pintler Pets after being surrendered by her owner to Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control. She is an older gal, who has obviously been used to breed many litters of puppies. She will be spayed (of course) before leaving Pintler Pets. She weighs about 60 pounds and so isn't a huge dog. She has a very short coat, and a cute brown patch on her rump - just right for patting. Her physique seems to be more of some sort bulldog breed; she even snorts like a bulldog. She is mellow but confused why she is with us. Vickie also has deep brown, soulful eyes, and seems to be resigned a new life. Little does she know, things in her life are about to get better!
[Picture] 8/11/2018   [18-08-026]   Willard
Labrador Retriever X,  black,  Male neutered,  7 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Willard is your typical, enthusiastic black Labrador retriever. Forgive the tongue in this picture as it was wickedly hot out this day. Willard is excited about joining a family for camping and hikes before the snow sets in. Then he will be excited about skiing and hikes in the snow.
[Picture] 8/11/2018   [18-08-023]   Janie
Husky/Shepherd X,  brown/black,  Female,  10 wks  
OWNER TURN IN: Owner surrender at about 10 weeks old. Adoption pending. Update: In foster care in anticipation of adoption.
[Picture] 8/8/2018   [18-08-019]   Gracie
Labrador/Cattledog X,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
STRAY: Racetrack Creek, Anaconda
Gracie and Wyatt were found near Racetrack, north of Anaconda. Gracie is a pretty, fit, black dog. She looks mostly like a Labrador but is smaller, and has the physique of a cattle dog. Her tail was also cropped short making her look even more like a cowdog. She is a sweet, polite dog. She and Wyatt were transferred to Pintler Pets from Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control. Out on a test drive, 09/08/2018.
[Picture] 8/5/2018   [18-08-012]   Logan
German Shepherd Dog,  tan/black,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Logan was a recent (08/05/2018) transfer from another rescue group. He is a handsome, intelligent, well-built GSD. He has a fairly long, fluffy coat (which, of course, needs a good brushing). He is responsive to training and knows a couple of commands.
[Picture] 8/3/2018   [18-08-003]   Chico
Chihuahua X,  black/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Stokes Market, Anaconda
Chico was found as a stray at the local grocery store (Stokes). He was transferred to Pintler Pets from Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control. He is a little tyke weighing in at 15 pounds 4 ounces. He has nice manners but does need to be neutered before he leaves our care. He ignored the cats in the office. Chico is in foster care so call the shelter to arrange a time to meet him.
[Picture] 8/2/2018   [18-08-007]   Trooper
Pit Bull X,  black/white with spots,  Male neutered,  8 weeks  
OWNER TURN IN: We received 6 pups out of an unplanned litter of 8 - Scout, Blake, Quinn, Bud, Harley, and Trooper. Trooper is one of the two males of the group, and is the runt of the litter. He is mostly black and white with spots. All are cute, well socialized pups. The Mom is a Pitbull, but it is uncertain who the father (or fathers) is/were. They were born June 4th, 2018. They will be spayed/neutered before adoption.
[Picture] 8/1/2018   [18-08-005]   BeeGee
Pit Bull/Boxerr X,  red/white,  Female spayed,  6 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Jasper and BeeGee arrived as transfers from Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control on August 1, 2018. Their owner is going somewhere that they can't follow. BeeGee is a sweet, energetic pup with lots of nice things going for her. She has started learning about walking well on a leash. She gets along with other dogs. We haven't tested her with cats yet. She would do well with older kids that she wouldn't knock down in her playfulness. Adoption pending. Out on a test drive, 09/12/2018.
[Picture] 8/1/2018   [18-08-001]   Obie
Labrador/Border Collie X,  black/merle/white,  Male neutered,  < 1 yr.  
Obie arrived 08/01/2018 after being found by a citizen on 07/19/2018 and turned over to Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control. He was neutered on 08/23/2018 by Pintler Pets. He is a wonderful, athletic dog -- not too big and not too small. He has blue merle toes and a darling white tip on his tail, the rest of him is black. He is rooming in with Perri and they get along great.
[Picture] 7/27/2018   [18-08-041]   Charlie
Shar pei X,  black/white heart,  Male neutered,  Puppy  
OWNER TURN IN: Charlie is a happy-go-lucky sort; you won't find a sweeter dog. He has had surgery for entropion (inverted) eyelids and so squints in the sun right now. He is also getting eye drops. He has had one surgery for the condition, but may need a little touch up to be 100 percent. But what a sweetheart. He shows it by having a white fur heart on his chest. His coat is also oh-so-soft; we figure he is not purebred Shar pei but is crossed with something like a Border collie or other soft coated dog. He is in foster care so make an appointment to see him!
[Picture] 7/27/2018   [18-07-033]   Star
Jack Russell/Cattledog X,  white/brown,  Female spayed,  10 wks.  
Star was transferred to Pintler Pets by another rescue group. She is a sweet little thing of a mixed heritage. Like many of these dogs, we know nothing of their parents, but guess that Star is cattledog and Jack Russell terrier cross. Star arrived when he was about 12 weeks old and she was terribly malnourished. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption. They are also de-wormed, vaccinated appropriate for their age, and microchipped. We do not do same day/walk in adoptions so please fill out an adoption form that can be found at http://montanapets.org/pp/adoption.html at the bottom of the page. Out on a test drive, 08/31/2018.
[Picture] 7/12/2018   [18-07-029]   Mikey
Shepherd/Cattledog X,  tan/merle,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Fire department, Anaconda
Mikey was transferred to Pintler Pets by our local Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control. It was reported that he had been beaten up by a deer near the fire department in Anaconda. What!?! We can't make this stuff up. So this peace loving dog was attacked by a local errant Cervidae. Poor Mikey! He is a sweet dog perfect for someone not into a puppy's antics. He promises to be a faithful, obedient pal for life if given a chance. He may even enjoy being a hunting partner. Paybacks are Hell.
[Picture] 7/12/2018   [18-07-026]   Scotty
Foxhound,  white/red,  Male neutered,  7 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Scotty was originally at the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control shelter since March 4, 2018 because of a court case. He was transferred to Pintler Pets on 07/09/2018. He is 7 years old and still needs to be neutered before adoption.
[Picture] 6/30/2018   [18-06-023]   Koa
Labrador/Hound X,  black/red legs,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Koa is about 2 years old - a big boy but a very happy boy at that. He is a mixture of black Labrador retriever and redbone coonhound. He looks mostly Labrador, but his former owners said he sounds like a hound when he bays. He is best when someone is home with him most of the time, or he can travel with his owners. He is good with older children, but he may be too big and goofy for toddlers.
[Picture] 5/31/2018   [18-05-027]   Flynn
Labrador Retriever,  black,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
Flynn was transferred to Pintler Pets by another rescue group. He was originally a stray. He is a big boy weighing in at 78 pounds. He seems to have had some training, and knows a few basic commands. He has outstanding deep brown eyes, and a glossy black coat. He may not be 100% Labrador retriever but he is pretty close. The only other possibility in the mix is Mastiff??? Like all Labs, Flynn is just a big puppy and will probably settle into a staid, calm dog about 5 years of age, or 7, or 9. Neutered 03/20/2018. Flynn went out on a test drive, but could climb a 6-foot fence. His new family was afraid he would get hurt so he is with us again. Guess he needs a home where he has an underground electronic fence or a home where someone is home most of the time or a home where Flynn can be with his owners where ever they might go.
[Picture] 5/30/2018   [18-05-025]   Saylor
Weimaraner,  silver-gray,  Female spayed,  10 yrs.  
Saylor was left by a visitor at a gentleman's apartment in Deer Lodge, MT. She shows her pointing ability by pointing at the cats in the shelter. She has a long, natural tail, amber eyes, and ears not quite as long as the breed standard. Saylor (rhymes with Taylor) may be a purebred, or is at least close to purebred. Update: "Saylor has quickly settled in to foster care. She is sweet, affectionate, and curious. She likes new experiences, but demands nothing. She is happy for anything given." She is in foster care so if you would like to meet her, please call to make an appointment. Update: 09/11/2018 We now estimate Saylor's age as 10 years old and she is 75% deaf. She comes when called if close, but across the yard, she does not hear. She makes up for all this with her very cute ways. She does best in a home with no cats and small animals... she loves hunting gophers though.
[Picture] 5/26/2018   [18-05-026]   Ruby
Cattledog X,  black/rust,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Ruby was an owner surrender because she was too active for their lifestyle. She is a nice medium-size dog, is spayed, vaccinated, and will be microchipped before she leaves. She has a beautiful glossy coat, and a sleek, healthy, physical condition.
[Picture] 5/10/2018   [18-05-008]   Callie's Tessie
Shepherd/Shar pei X,  reddish gold/white,  Female spayed,  4-5 mos.  
OWNER TURN IN: Callie (the Mom) and her five puppies were transferred to us by another rescue. The pups were unsure of their surroundings initially. They need some TLC and socialization. They are young enough to make great pets and to learn about the good things that life has to offer. Each of the five pups are unique looking. Tessie is the most shepherd-like of the litter, but with a beautiful reddish gold coat, and just a dab of white. She does have a worried, wrinkled forehead of a Shar pei. She has tall ears and a longer muzzle than the rest of the bunch. Sweet and shy, she needs some one on one to bloom where she is planted.
[Picture] 5/10/2018   [18-05-011]   Callie's Woody
Shepherd/Shar pei X,  dark brown brindle/white,  Male neutered,  4-5 mos.  
OWNER TURN IN: Callie (the Mom) and her five puppies were transferred to us by another rescue. The pups were unsure of their surroundings initially. They need some TLC and socialization. They are young enough to make great pets and to learn about the good things that life has to offer. Each of the five pups are unique looking. Woody is a dark brown brindle, with white feet, and black spots. His ears will probably stand up like a shepherds.
[Picture] 5/5/2018   [18-05-004]   Esther
Sheepdog,  black/white,  Female spayed,  1-2 yrs.  
Esther was a stray picked up by Anaconda-Deer Lodge County animal control back on 03/12/2018. She was turned over to Pintler Pets on 05/05/2018 for adoption from our shelter. Esther does not 'show' well at the shelter because she barks in her kennel like she is ferocious. Take her out of the kennel and she is a pussycat. She is definitely a cutie pie and is a happy dog. She is about the size of a sheepdog, but with wiry hair. Update: Some folks that have Irish Wolfhounds told us that they thought Esther probably has some Irish Wolfhound in her heritage so we are adding that to her bio.
[Picture] 3/7/2018   [18-03-004]   Punky
Heeler/Pointer X,  black/white/speckles,  Male neutered,  4-5 mos.  
Four young pups were transferred to us from another rescue group (Punky, Gulliver, Beau, and Rhea). They have not been well socialized around people but love each other and are learning to trust us humans. Punky is a big healthy handsome dude, but is the most fearful of people upon arrival. He loves to have people take things slowly with him and seems to enjoy the interaction. He needs to be introduced to the good things in life.
[Picture] 1/27/2018   [18-01-024]   Breezy
Labrador Retriever X,  yellow/reddish hints,  Male neutered,  10-12 mos.  
Breezy, Stormy and Marley all came from the same rescue group transferred to Pintler Pets. Breezy is a nice pup but he does need some training in the basics of dog life. He needs to learn to walk on a leash, sit, stay and 'no jumping up'! These guys are all willing learners though. They look a lot like Labradors, but those ears give away the probability that there in some cattledog genes in their heritage. Update: Stormy and Breezy are both good boys and are good with cats and little dogs. Update: Breezy is in foster care. Adoption pending.
[Picture] 1/12/2018   [18-01-003]   Laurel
Heeler/Hound X,  red merle,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Are you looking for a copilot? Laurel would like to apply. The only thing she wants in life is her very own fur-ever human to do things with. Her non stop enthusiasm applies to everything from going for a drive to hiking to just hanging out while you read. Laurel had a rough start in life; she was dumped when she developed diabetes but it is easily managed with insulin 2x day and the right food. Like most diabetic dogs, she is vision impaired but it doesn't slow her down at all- she's even gone mountain biking. Laurel would do best as an only pet; her dream home would be an active retiree or someone who works from home, but anyone who wants a devoted activity partner should consider giving this wonderful girl a chance. Laurel has been in foster care since January and hopes to find her home soon! Visit Laurel's Facebook page: Here
[Picture] 10/14/2017   [17-10-008]   Perri
Shepherd/Cattledog X,  tawny brown,  Female spayed,  10-12 mos.  
Perri arrived as a transfer from another rescue group on October 14. She was ver-r--r-ry pregnant and so we awaited the birth of her pups. She is a super sweet dog with intelligence to match. As far as her 'breed(s) go, we are only guessing. She will be available after her pups are weaned and she is spayed. No more puppies for her! (Written 10/19/2017.... stay tuned! ) Update: 10/21/2017 Perri had 9 pups, of which, only 6 survived. She was such a young mother, she had no idea how to care for them. They are currently being bottle fed in a foster home. Update: Perri's pups are all adopted, now let's get Perri a home!
[Picture] 10/14/2017   [17-10-011]   Shannon
Shepherd/Rottweiler X,  chocolate/cream/white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Shannon is a very nice, large, active dog. She has a (probably) naturally docked tail, and the coloring of a short-coated Australian shepherd. She is larger than an Aussie though. Shannon has the square head of a Rottie. She was transferred to us from another rescue group (10/14/2017) so we don't know whole lot about her background. She is kennelmates with Colby and they get along well.
[Picture] 8/11/2017   [17-08-005]   Roper
Pointer/Pit Bull X,  white/red,  Male neutered,  6-7 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Roper joined us as an owner surrender, after his owner became homeless. Roper loves to give kisses on command and kisses the end of your nose. He is an active dog of course and has a great athletic build. He looks like he has some pitbull in his heritage but also, maybe, some other terrier and/or pointer. His coloring and physique points to being a pointer! He was born in September or October of 2010 making him close to 7 years old.
[Picture] 1/20/2017   [17-01-010]   Alice B.
Pit Bull,  fawn/white,  Female spayed,  6 yrs.  
Arrived as an owner surrender, Alice B. was adopted but was returned to us. Alice is 6 years old; her date of birth is 08/22/2009. She was originally adopted from the Spokane (WA) Humane Society. Alice gets along with all humans but is choosy about her dog friends. She gets along well with dogs her own size but can't be trusted with small, toy breeds. We feel she should not have a home with cats for this reason also. She will wag her tail until it is a blur when she sees humans coming into the shelter. She is a gorgeous example of the breed, so pretty with her smooth, light tan coat accented with white chest a a blaze on her forehead.
[Picture] 7/9/2016   [16-07-002]   Sparky
Heeler X,  red/light red,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
Sparky is an independent, confident sort of dog. He looks a lot like a Heeler, but maybe with some shepherd in his heritage. In any case, he is a handsome, intelligent fellow who could sue some polishing around the edges.
[Picture] 7/9/2016   [16-07-010]   Winnie
Shepherd X,  black/white accents,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Arrived as a stray who was terrified of her surroundings. She even escaped one of her first nights here but was back the next day as she realized this is as good as it gets right now. She is mostly black with a white chest/toes; one blue eye and one brown eye. She is slowly settling in and starting to trust people.
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