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DMH - Torbie  Color: brown tabby/orange
Female Lactating, Young Adult
Arrived on 01/07/2018 as a transfer from another rescue group. Little Blanche arrived quite pregnant and we are just waiting for her immanent litter to be born. We will keep you updated on her progress. Update: 01/20/2018: She is now in foster care until she and her kittens are ready for adoption. Update: 01/28/2018 After being examined by 2 different veterinarians, and pronounced "any day now", we are still waiting for her kittens to be born. We do now know that she will have ~6 kittens. They will still be in foster care until ready for adoption. We have also discovered that Blanche is a totally sweet and mellow kitty. We are just on pins and needles waiting for her hopefully healthy kittens. UPDATE: Blanche had 7 kittens on 02/08/2018. Update: Blanche and kittens are doing well. Six of her seven kittens have been spoken for. Only one cute orange tabby still available.
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