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Labrador/Hound X  Color: shaded silver/white
Female spayed, Adult
Shadow arrived as a stray from Anaconda. Her owners did not have a fence that contained her and she was allowed to run on the streets of Anaconda (we hear that is OK for teenagers, but definitely not for dogs). Shadow is an incredibly, outlandishly, strikingly handsome dog reminiscent of an Egyptian Pharaoh hound. But this being Montana, those bloodlines are pretty rare or nonexistent here. We just call her a shepherd/hound/Labrador cross. She has the stance and physique of a coursing hound. And, oh, those ears! Update: Shadow surprised us with puppies on December 26, 2017. She has 5 cute pups that will be ready in mid- to late-February when she will be adoptable too.
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