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Impound #
Shepherd/Cattledog X  Color: tawny brown
Female spayed, 10-12 mos.
Perri arrived as a transfer from another rescue group on October 14. She was ver-r--r-ry pregnant and so we awaited the birth of her pups. She is a super sweet dog with intelligence to match. As far as her 'breed(s) go, we are only guessing. She will be available after her pups are weaned and she is spayed. No more puppies for her! (Written 10/19/2017.... stay tuned! ) Update: 10/21/2017 Perri had 9 pups, of which, only 6 survived. She was such a young mother, she had no idea how to care for them. They are currently being bottle fed in a foster home. Update: Perri's pups are all adopted, now let's get Perri a home!
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