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Entry Date:
Impound #
Shepherd/Cattledog X  Color: tan/black
Female spayed, 3-4 yrs.
Nellie arrived 07/03/2017 as a stray from the streets transferred to Pintler Pets by another rescue group. She has problems walking; her back legs collapse from an old injury. We don't know much about her past, but it has been 2-3 years since she was hurt. She has been surviving on the streets with handouts. Her original owners died and left her on her own. A cart has been loaned by Mining City Veterinary in Butte MT to help with her mobility issues. She needs a permanent cart which will cost about $1,000. We hope she can improve with time and exercise. She has also had acupuncture that has helped her a great deal. She is a happy dog. Now for the hard part. She needs a home (not sympathy) that can accommodate her special needs. Right now she needs her bladder expressed a couple times a day, and of course, further medical care and therapy. With time, she may improve dramatically. From the scars on her face and body, she is a survivor. We are hoping there is someone out there to give her the best that life has to offer, whether for years or months or days. In foster care; please call the shelter for a time to meet Nellie!
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