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Labrador Retriever  Color: light yellow
Male neutered, 3 Yr
Clyde (formerly known as Duke... we already have a Duke) is 3 years old. Anyone who knows Labs realizes that he is in the prime of his puppyhood at 3 years old. He loves to be loved but is lacking in some of the social graces. He was surrendered because he would jump out of his kennel - probably trying to be with his people. If you could be a full-time pal to Clyde, he will probably be your pal too. Update: Clyde had a run-in with another shelter dog (not Clyde's fault) and now he has a cropped tail. He looks more like a pointer with his new, shorter tail. He has kept his positive outlook on life. Update: Clyde is getting spa treatment at Logan's Run Pet Boarding (563-5647), north of Anaconda so he can have a break from shelter life. See him there or call us for a time to meet him and to fill out an adoption application. Adoption pending. Out on a test drive, 11/12/2017.
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