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[Picture] 5/21/2018   [18-04-010]   Abby
Cattledog arrangement,  black/blue merle/white,  Female spayed,  8 weeks  
ADOPTED: Abby has been adopted by a Helena couple who were interested in a cattledog mix because of the breeds' kindness and intelligence. They have another 2-year old dog who will be Abby's best friend and mentor.
[Picture] 5/19/2018   [17-07-022]   Jasper
Karelian Bear Dog X,  black/white/brindle,  Male neutered,  10-12 mos.  
[Picture] 5/19/2018   [18-PP024C]   Jordan
DLH - Maine Coon X,  white/brown tabby,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
[Picture] 5/16/2018   [18-02-007]   Cracker
Lab/Cattledog X,  white/light orange,  Male neutered,  Older Adult  
ADOPTED: Cracker has relocated to Philipsburg MT with some folks who have a soft spot for seniors. Their hearts were broken to see that Cracker was given up at an older age. They want to give him a loving home in his later years and to spoil him. Saints come in all forms and we think Cracker might just be living with with a couple. We love you Cracker.
[Picture] 5/16/2018   [18-04-008]   Gabby
Cattledog arrangement,  white/orange/tan,  Female spayed,  8-9 wks.  
ADOPTED: Gabby gets to live in lovely Corvallis MT with a retired couple where she will be on her own only 2-3 hours at the most. They liked her size, breed, and age. They were so happy to hear their application was approved and they were getting another dog. Oh Gabby, you are so lucky!
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