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[Picture] 4/3/2018   [18-011]   Nova
Sharpei X,  tan,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Nova is a Sharpei mix according to her vet records, and weighs around 75 Lbs. She is two years old so she still has puppy tendencies, however she is also extremely cuddly and very affectionate. She has never had any issues with chewing, but in her current home, she always has a good supply of chew bones. Her favorite activity is rolling in laundry - clean or dirty! She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Nova had a rough start in life - she was abandoned and had a leg injury. Occasionally she will show a limp on the front left leg from the injury but most of the time it never bothers her. Nova gets along great with the two other dogs in her current household, but does not get along with the neighbors dogs at all. She is very affectionate towards children, and most house guests, although, she can be a bit timid at first. A four-foot fence is sufficient in keeping her in, however, with the snow, she is able to climb over. Nova is a great dog. If you are interested in adding her to your family, please contact us.
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