Mischa   loved by Amy Abendroth   Missoula, MT

Mischa was the most adorable puppy...Doesn't every dog mommy think that? Her dad was K9 Hector of the Missoula Police Department and her mom was Tasha (owned by another police officer). She was extremely devoted to her people, affectionate, smart, neurotic (just ask her favorite Vet, Patti Prato) and oh-so-sensitive. She had numerous canine and feline brothers and sisters over the years and rolled with all of the changes in her "mom's" life - including numerous residential moves. One of her claims to fame involved eating the dog-sitter's raw Thanksgiving turkey (yes, the ENTIRE thing). She was nothing if not committed! Mischa was surrounded by some of the people she loved most as she left this world. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the next...

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