Katie     1996 - Nov., 22 2006   loved by Lisa and Dan Currier, all their friends and family   Laurel, MT

Katie came into our lives shortly after we got married. She was my best companion. She was there for me when Dan would be out to sea when he was in the Navy. When I told her dad was coming home she knew we were going to go pick him up at the ship, she would get so exited. She loved to surf the waves down at Virginia Beach, her last days we took her to the river with her life jacket on so she could play in the water, catching water droplets as she splashed but not worry about getting tired. She went everywhere with me. She flew from Virginia to Montana and California with me; we drove from Virginia to Florida I don't even know how many times. She was there for me through a lot. She started to get sick. Nobody could seem to find out what was wrong. I told her when it was time to let me know because she didn't deserve to suffer. They finally found out it was inoperable cancer. She did tell me when it was time. She followed me everywhere and wouldn't let me out of her sight. It was a very hard thing to let her go; she meant so much to me. But she didn't need to suffer she deserved so much better. I miss her still and always will. She was a great girl and everyone she met loved her gentle soul. I know I will meet her again. Donate to Help Every Pet Lisa Currier ddclmc@yahoo.com 206 3rd Ave Laurel, MT 59044; 406-672-2577

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