Harry     12 years   loved by Dianne   Helena, Mt

Harry was a great cat. Never missed a meal. Had enough cat hang to start another cat. I had to keep his food and cat box on top of the washing machine upstairs because my dog has an eating disorder. Whenever I had company, Harry would always go up for a snack, then WHAM as his weight shook the house when he jumped down. I was used to it but this panicked my guests who thought we were having an earthquake. Nope, just Harry having lunch. He especially enjoyed humiliating me by trying to have an intimate relationship with the dog whenever I had guests over. Harry taught me not to take life so seriously. He started to lose ground at age 12 when his kidneys began to fail. On Thanksgiving Day I realized it was probably time to send Harry to the Bridge as he seemed sicker. I prepared myself to take him in the next morning but Harry decided to make his own decisions. Just like a cat. I returned from Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house to find him all curled up in his box, already gone. I miss ya, Harry! See you at the Bridge some day. Love, Dianne

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