Gallagher     1994   loved by Ron Osborne   Bremerton, WA

Gallagher what can I say about you? You were a stray who came to my house looking for food and never left. For three years you were as best of a friend as a person can have. You came at a time when my life was shattered and I didn't have a friend in the world. I sometimes think God decided we needed each other and he brought us together. All your silly antics, like the time you jumped out of the boat to chase a duck made me laugh and you while you didn't get the duck you realized you could swim. I look at your pictures often and remember you. You helped me get my feet back on the ground and go on with my life and though that life has taken me far from Montana I visit that spot by the river outside Boulder where you now rest everytime I come home. It was such a shock the evening I came home and you weren't waiting by the door, finding you lying in the bedroom was too much to bear when I realized you were gone. Now I have Doc and Quincy, 2 chows who keep me busy. I don't know who named Quincy but Doc was named because my wife had a sweatshirt on with Dopey from Snowwhite on it and since I didn't want to call him that I picked Doc. I think you would like them. They are not as silly as you were but they do have their moments. I pray you are happy. Rest easy my friend, you've earned it.


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