Obie     9/6/05   loved by Sheila Plummer   Missoula, MT

My dear Obie- You were the gentle giant every day I was priveledged to call you my "Baby boy". All 100 lbs. of you was pure love in my heart. You were so easy to love the first moment I saw you and I knew you would always be mine. You were waiting out in front of Tidyman's and a little boy said you needed a home. Thank you for being right there, right then. I took you home and mom and dad weren't too happy but you ended up staying. You were my complete companion that first two years out on my own by myself. I knew that every time I came home, you would be so glad to see me. And I loved your big expressive brown eyes and your sweet and soft spirit. Children were your favorite and you loved when we had guests that were "just your size". You will always be my Big Baby Boy... I am happy you get to be where your leg doesn't hurt anymore and all your body parts are well. I can see you already playing like the puppy you were, chewing mom and dad's hot tub cover and eating I don't know how many pairs of boots. Obie, you gave me so much. I will love you forever and miss you....Happy Trails my friend, Always. your momma, Sheila


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