Sierra     12/04/1994 - 8/11/05   loved by AnnaMarie and family  

My dog Sierra- companion for 10 1/2 years has passed on early this morning. His full name is Sierra Nevada De Santa Martin. It means "Heart of the World" (actual place in Columbia)and he certainly was mine. Sierra has been fighting an infection and blood disorder. He was on steroids for almost five months and antibodies for two weeks. BUT it got the best of him this am about 5:30. Sierra was in my arms and we held each and said good-bye. It is the hardest feelings I have had in years. Sierra has river rafted the Salmon, Snake, Blackfoot, Middle, South and North Fork of the Flathead, the American and South Fork of the American in Calif. One of my most favorite pictures is him basking in the sun on the Boulder River up Big Timber way. He enjoyed his last days of swimming in the Yellowstone River. I wonder if he sensed it because he would look at me and then just stare out at the river as if it really was his last time along the water he loved so much. Sierra was also an avid Hot Potter at Jerry Johnson Hot springs. He ran down Big Mountain when I skied. He did manage to ride up the lift once before we got caught. He pulled dog sleds with Dog Sled Adventure in Whitefish, he loved to swim and run next to my mountain bike. He hiked and camped with the best of them and loved to be outdoors as much as possible. I think riding in the back of the truck with his nose to the wind was his favorite as he probably wondered where we were going. I was also very lucky to be able to take him to work with me for most of his dog years. He slept under my desk and was very quiet and most accommodating to children at the women's shelter who wanted to play catch. He was and will always be an inspiration to me and I love him very much. I wanted to share this you because you are my friends and I need one right now since I just lost my best friend and companion. We never went anywhere without each other as much as could be helped. I even had to carry him back to the truck because he could not walk anymore yesterday. He is resting and I hope enjoying his new adventure. He kept me alive when I thought the world would crash many times in my life. He was a "sole reacher." Thank you for letting me share with you! Love AnnaMarie

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