Lazarus   loved by staff at Angels Among Us  

He was left in a stall without food or water. Neglected by his human’s misfortunes. He could only wonder what he ever did that would cause them to not love him anymore. Found by a stranger, with no time or money to try to give “yet another horse” a chance. So in Nov. 2001, he was taken on a one-way journey to an auction, his fate left in the hands of strangers. He was led into the auction ring, a skeleton disguised as a horse. Even the canner buyers turned up their noses. He was of no use to anyone. But we were there to see this poor horse. And we understood he had lived through hell. We knew if we did not do something to help him he would go through hell again in his death. We paid just $25, and with tears in our eyes, we drove to the sanctuary, because we still believed he was too near death's door to save. But when he stepped from the trailer and tossed his head and whinnied, we realized he had not given up and neither could we. Lazarus quickly stole our hearts. He was gentle and loved the attention. He knew he was now home, with people to love him and he would never again be neglected. A few days ago, Lazarus decided to take a short jaunt, just down the lane to the neighbors to say hi to the mares. He had never wandered away from home before, but his legs suddenly had the strength to carry him there. Then on Friday, the 10th of June, Lazarus lay down to sleep in his favorite spot. His human came home to find him there but his spirit had crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. She remembered at that moment, that just that morning, Lazarus had nickered at her when she came to feed him. She thought it odd, because he had never nickered “hello” to her before, But now we know he was just saying good-bye. Good-bye Lazarus. You will be missed. 6/12/05


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