Alanna     1/20/1990 - 2/13/2004   loved by her Mom Cathy, Amy, Gramma, Grandpa & many others.   Missoula, MT

Miss Alanna Deschamps was a Sun Goddess. She loved to sit in the sun. She knew the value of a good lap, and made friends by charming them. She could also appreciate a warm blanket or snuggling in the big soft bed. She was born in Spokane, Washington and later moved to Missoula, Montana with her Mom Cathy. She was enjoying her new kitty sister Ally from the Humane Society. Ally showed Alanna you could still feel young, even when you're old. She is missed by us every day, but we will find her waiting in Heaven for us. I love you "Peanut"...............Mom


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