Nugget     1982 - 1995   loved by Ron and Dianne   Helena, MT

Nugget was my best friend for 13 yrs. The product of a purebred Collie mom and a purebred Shepherd dad, I affectionately referred to her as a Collard or on occasion, a Shepie. Nugget loved to fetch. She just didn't see any reason to bring it back. Nugget did however bring home a variety of unasked for items over the years including a gallon of ice cream, an unopened bag of bird seed, a whole deer (one piece at a time), and a roaster complete with pot holders (the roast seemed to be missing.) She could balance a dog biscuit on her nose and wag her tail on command. Her funniest quirk of all though was the way she ferociously barked at cattle guards (sounded like a dog to her). She kept vigil from the back of my pick up and could spot one a mile away. She'd crouch down just waiting until the truck hit the grate and she'd go ballistic at it. At age 13, Nugget's hips deteriorated until she could no longer enjoy life so my wife and I had to make that difficult decision. We asked our vet to send Nugget to the Bridge from the back of our pick-up where she was the happiest and we did that. Three years later we still bark at all the cattle guards in her honor, which of course alarms our friends if we forget to warn them. We miss you, Nugget. Wait for us at the Bridge, ok? We'll look for you near the cattle guard. Ron and Dianne


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