Babe     04/1997 - 01/2004   loved by Tom, Bobbie and Ashlie Madigan, Bronx   Billings, MT

Babe was my precious white boxer, AKA Baby Louise. She came into my life after I had lost my father. I was quite down and she brightened my life from that point on, every day. She was so special and dearly loved by every one who knew her. Babe got sick on January 6th, 2004- out of the blue. I took her right to the vet in the a.m. They said she had symptoms of a sometimes fatal blood disorder (AIHA -autoimmune hemolytic anemia). She had a bloated belly, ragged breathing, no color to her gums or membranes at all. They did tons of tests, and ultrasound. She had to have her spleen removed, they knew that for sure. When they did surgery, her belly was full of blood as the spleen had ruptured. She was also full of cancer, spleen, liver, omentum (lining). They were going to let her go on the operating table, but I wanted to bring her home and let her die at home with us, keeping her comfortable of course. They said she would die, it could be days, weeks, months, no clue. After surgery, she just went downhill. I was able to see her that evening (thanks to my wonderful Vet, Dr. Gary Root at Community Pet Hospital, who stayed late so I could see her), however, she passed away during the night. We had her cremated and have a memorial spot set up in our "family photo section" just for her. She was the absolute best and my heart aches every minute of the day since we lost her. She was greatly loved and is dearly missed by all, but especially Tom, Bobbie and Ashlie Madigan, Bronx (her companion, St. Bernard and Puddin' her faithful playmate, out cat).


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