Cody     11 years   loved by Jessica, Michael, Kevin, and Vicki and many others   Billings, MT

Cody was the best dog in the world. He came into my life when I was three or so. When I was little, I used to be afraid of him. Cody was a purebred Golden Retriever who was a little bit chubby all of his life, but he started losing weight in the last few months. He wouldn't eat, we thought it was just a stomach flu, we went to the vet and they gave us some meds to give to him. They seemed to work for a while. He died of cancer in his colon, lymph nodes, and in his esophagus in October, 2003. I went to see him the day he went in for exploratory surgery and he looked like he knew what was going to happen. He looked miserable. He was a pretty big dog and he was crammed in this little cage. When he went in for surgery the vet saw all the tumors and they just put him down then. We miss you so much here but know you are no longer in pain. We love you so much ,Cody. Wait for us up there in Heaven!


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