Athene     13 years   loved by Eric, Erika, Akasha, and Akira  

We found "Fluffy" at the Missoula Humane Society in February 1990 and quickly decided she had to come home with us. Though she was fluffy, we thought a more dignified name was needed. We named her Athene and she blessed our lives with her gentle, sweet, and quiet disposition. A year later, we brought a 3 month-old kitten, Akasha, home. Akasha immediately ran up to Athene and hissed at her. Athene put up with this kitten attitude for a few months until she managed to win over Akasha's trust. They became the best of friends. In 1993, we brought home another kitten, Akira, who was 6 weeks old. Athene and Kira immediately bonded as if they were mother and daughter. They were almost never apart, either sleeping snuggled together or enjoying their other favorite activity, eating. The last year has been difficult as we watched Athene distance herself from all of us. She died in our arms in early September. We are glad that she spent 13 years of her life with us. Athene - Thank you for all the unconditional love you gave to each of us. We love you!


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