Rikki     Born 1992 - 3/28/03 11 yrs.   loved by Dianne Williams   Livingston, MT

Rikki came into our lives from Greyhounds as Pets in Colorado. She was named Edna, nearly 3 years old and very depressed. We gave her a new name to go along with her new life. She was a regal girl with great grace and she slowly came out of her shell. Who knows the pains and indignities that she endured before she came to live with us. When she ran for fun, it made you smile. She was a failed racer and throw away because she didn't make a lot of money. Luckily, she did not suffer the fate of many ex-racers. I will be always thankful that she was part of our lives. She will be missed forever. Hopefully greyhound racing will die out so that the beautiful greyhounds are no longer treated badly.

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