Bingo/aka Georgi     2002 - 2003   loved by Ren   Kremlin, MT

Sweet little Bingo was taken in as a rescue from the pound with another pup, Snickers. At six months old, I thought he was a little laid back, but still romped with Snickers and had a very loving personality. Ravina saw him on my page and fell in love with him-even printed his picture before she met him. Ravina had suffered for the past couple of years over the loss of her companion, and Bingo was that special one to help her with her grief. They went happily home but noticed, (now known as Georgi), that he was panting a lot. When at the vet for his boosters, x-rays were taken and the outcome was not positive. Georgi had suffered a great trauma in his short life and the diagnosis was diaphragmatic hernia. He was left at my vet so I could additionally have a barium x-ray done to see if surgery was possible. Too much damage-the heart was displaced as well as the liver, and the possibility of Georgi surviving surgery was highly unlikely. Georgi could not even lie down anymore-breathing was too difficult. Prior to the final x-ray, my dream was to fix Georgi and be able to hand him back to Ravina with a big bow....but that was not to happen. The following day after I had to say good-bye to my dear Tasha, I held dear Georgi while he left us for the bridge. I will never know what trauma caused his young body to be so damaged. I do know that in the very short time he was with me, he left his paw-prints all over my heart, and the heart of Ravina.


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