Tasha     1989 - 2003   loved by Ren   Kremlin, MT

Sweet Tasha came into my life as a rescue at age eight. She was available for adoption for a few months, but her presence in my life was one that I decided I couldn't live without. Her spirit was of true unconditional love and kindness, for all humans-for other animals. This was so needed in my life. She was my teacher, my friend, as she was to the many dogs that entered the "den." Although these past two years Tasha's back and hips kept her from engaging in play with the others, and she pretty much stayed to herself, there wasn't one pup or dog that could leave her alone...they kissed her, nudged her, cleaned her ears and eyes, and always acted as if she had something special they needed from her. All visitors to the den were always drawn to her, and remarked on just how beautiful and wonderful she was. This past Christmas I gave Tasha a stuffed wreath and Santa. She knew just where to bite to hear "Jingle Bells" or "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and would lie with the toy and bite it over and over to hear the music, as if it soothed her. From time to time, I press the toy to hear the music, and it soothes me too-remembering my dear Tasha. Thank you my special friend, for touching my life and my heart.

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