Dallas   loved by Kari Ann   Ft. Benton, MT

It is with great sadness that I write this. My dog and best friend Dallas passed away Easter Sunday due to complications from seizures. He started seizing at 4 am and continued until I was able to find a vet to come to the house. It was more than his heart and body could handle...he passed on to doggie heaven that afternoon. Dallas went to work with me at the shelter every day. He knew he had a job to do. He greeted the visitors at the door and welcomed the new pets coming into the shelter. No door bell needed, just a bark to let you know someone was there. I also trusted Dallas to help make decisions on adoptions. At times he just didn't want some people in the shelter and by the end of the adoption process, neither did I. He just knew not everyone loved pets. Dallas was great with all the pets in the shelter, playing and running with them and always ready to bathe the little kittens. He also helped with children that were scared of dogs. I will never forget one little boy who came to the shelter with his dad. The boy had been attacked by a dog and was totally petrified of them. He screamed the first couple of times he saw Dallas, but his dad brought him back week after week, month after month and Dallas kept his distance. Slowly the little boy moved closer and closer to Dallas, until one day he reached out and touched his head. I must tell you that my dog was ever ready with a wet kiss or a hand shake so it must have been hard to just sit still for the little boy, but he did. Like a statue. As time progressed, the boy was able to pet and talk to Dallas and one day, much to Dallas's great joy, they were able to romp and play. He knew that if he was patient the rewards would be great. I am so very lost without my friend. He was with me 24-7. If I went somewhere, Dallas was right beside my legs, or in the front of the car , my trusty co-pilot, ready for that Fri. night Burger King raid. When cleaning the house or cooking, I would automatically step out and over as I knew Dallas was right there, laying by my feet. He would even peek thru the shower curtain to make sure he could see me and that I was ok. From the day my husband brought him home at 6 weeks of age, Dallas' job was to take care of me. We butted heads for a few years with the typical lab attitude of chewing and eating everything. Finally we came to an agreement, give Dallas what he wanted!! A toy box full of toys at all times..and take him everywhere with me.. If I left him at home, he would lay by the front door and cry till I came home. And I always got a lecture from him which would last until I said I was sorry. His favorite time was summer when we would go camping. Dallas would ride the jet-ski all over the lake with me. He also kept a close eye on kids in the water. He would swim out to them and make sure they were ok. If you grabbed his harness, he would turn and head straight to shore. He was definitely a dog with a mission in life, to make sure everyone was safe. There are so many other great things about Dallas, I could go on forever . I tell ya for a puppy that I didn't want, he sure became my best friend. The only peace I can find right now is that he isn't suffering. But time was just too short. The picture is of Dallas and his kitty (Bam Bam) he adopted from the shelter in 1999. Thank you for listening. I just needed to say some things in memory of my best friend. Kari Ann Anderson The Dedman Foundation

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