Susie     16 years   loved by Julie, Jim and Maggie   Missoula, MT

We got Susie from someone who knew she had been abused and was going to take her to the shelter. I decided to see if she got along with our golden, Maggie. Well, she was very polite, but distant, but we decided to take her. The vet said she was about 5 or 6 then. It wasn't long before she wormed her way into our hearts and started to show affection, but she was afraid of Jim for a long time. We figured it had been a male who had abused her. She was a golden-cocker mix, and had the best traits of both breeds. Lots of people would confuse her with a golden puppy, as she was smaller in stature, and really furry. She was definitely a "mama's girl"-- my constant companion, never straying from my side if I was home. We loved her furry little feet and her gentle manner and the way her hind leg would twitch when you rubbed her tummy! This year we began to see her struggle--her eyesight was poor, and she no longer heard the thunder that used to terrify her. But she still loved to take hikes, even though she was a lot slower on the trips home. She got an infection in her foot from some nasty cheet grass on Mount Sentinel, and when the vet wanted to put her under, we had a bad feeling. Still, she needed the medical attention. The anesthesia proved too much for her. She just couldn't come out of it.. Before we had to decide to pull the plug, she stopped breathing on her own. We know she is in heaven, and someday we will meet our little princess again. We had ten great years together, but wanted more. We'll always miss you, Snooz.


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