Keea Marie     10 years   loved by Candy Kirby   Helena, MT

I had just lost my Cocker, Ginger to cancer of the throat. Being lost without a dog, I set out to find another "friend in need". The Lewis & Clark Humane Society was the first stop but they didn't have a small apartment sized dog available. Off to the Great Falls shelter where I found one possibility: an older, golden male Cocker…with a barking problem and aggressive attitude. With some regret, I said no. The next day, I had a job interview at 1 pm…but that morning, I knew I had to try the shelter in Missoula. Walking into the kennels inside the Missoula Animal Control, I saw a small black/white Cocker in the very first pen. On the leash and out the door she went with me! Six months old, she was and had spent three of those months at the shelter. It was meant to be. Ten years, Keea and I played together. Through good times and bad. She played with horses, cows, birds, cats, her brother and sister (greyhounds) and multiple foster dogs. Having had surgery for a cancerous tumor twice, I let her go last Friday. But I will always cherish the time we had together and her happy little face. And I know she is frolicking up in Heaven with her horse, Noble Harry and friend, Misty. Mom will meet you at the bridge, Keea Marie.


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