Skeeter     4-25-86 - 3-29-01   loved by Jackie, Dan, Amber & Travis   Idaha Falls, ID

I got Skeeter from a couple who had a Doberman and did not have a lot of interest in a Poodle. I feel in love with him and took him home where he would be for the next 13 years. Skeeter went through several moves and several other dogs and it never bothered him a bit. He was a very caring dog. He could always sense when there was sadness and tried to be there to comfort you. He was a momma's boy and was always close by. He loved to go for rides in the car and was a great companion. He was always close by for dinner, as table food was his absoulute favorite. This past winter I noticed a big change in him so with concern I took him in for a check up and blood work. The vet said he looked good and did not feel there were any worries. Then the bad news came his blood results showed his kidneys were failing and he had diabetes. His system was slowly shutting down. He tried so hard to play but he just could not anymore. When we got up on March 29, Skeeter did not greet us in the kitchen like usual for his breakfast. I finally found him in the family room downstairs resting against the loveseat. He could not get up and cried out when I touched his front leg. We took him to the vet. His leg had deterioted and broken into pieces. He said they could try to fix it but it would not be fair to Skeeter because he would never heal right. I had always said if I knew he was suffering, I would let him go. I held him to the end wrapped him in his blanket and took him home. We buried him in the back yard on his dog bed wrapped in his blanket. Each day gets a little easier, but he will always be a very special part of my life. Rest little one, I love and miss you. I will meet you again at the bridge. Love, Mom

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