Dillion's Quid Pro Quo Buckeroo     7/25/1998 - 1/9/1999   loved by Ingrid Rosenquist   Missoula, MT

Dillion’s Quid Pro Quo Buckeroo was greatly loved by Ingrid Rosenquist. Buck came from a puppy mill specializing in Australian Cattle Dogs outside of Billings, Montana. Buck was 7 weeks old when I visited this ranch to look at their cattle dogs. I should have known that I could not leave without taking a pup with me out of pity. The ranch had dogs chained to farm equipment all over the place and there were stalls filled with pitiful looking puppies that begged for the slightest attention. For some reason, Buck just stood out as a pup I could not leave behind. He was assertive, obnoxious and made his presence known! Buck was so dirty that I did not know what his true coloring was until I got him home and bathed him. Buck was a lovely dog that’s time on this earth was far too short. Buck was my constant companion, confidente, and best friend - he challenged me to become a better trainer when it came to my dogs and taught me what the word “loyalty” really means. Tragically, Buck’s death was as sad as his birth - a friend of a roommate was at my home and “decided” that Buck should be allowed to play with his girlfriend’s dog while I was at work. He let Buck out of his kennel and proceeded to forget about the dogs. Buck was hit by a car and later died of cardiac arrest on the operating table. If there is a lesson to be learned from Buck’s short life, it is that breeding should not be done by the general dog owner and that you should always make sure that your dog is in a secure area that no one can access without your permission. I now have another cattle dog male named Broken Circle BucksKgdmByTheC in honor of Buck. You see, the term “kingdom by the sea” is from an Edgar Allen Poe poem that is about two lovers separated by death and every time the man looks at the stars, he sees his true love’s eyes. Every time I looked at “Poe,” I see the loving, loyal, and intelligent look of Buck in them.

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