Quinn     2 years   loved by Wendy, Walker, Celia, Curtis   Livingston, Mt

Quinn was a good dog. One day he jumped out of the car window and got hit by a truck. That darn dog never could sit still. Sometimes I called him "sketchy" because he was always figiting around looking for something. He was adopted from the shelter about a year ago, with a front leg that looked like it had been jerked out of it's socket and not put back too well. It didn't slow him down any. An eager dog, ready to jump in or out of a vehicle in the flash of an eye, or defend the fenceline from intruders with great pride. He won top honors at dog obedience class and would have made a great cow dog, given the chance. It was a cowboy's truck that got him, and he felt real bad about it. Wasn't his fault though. Quinn just jumped out the wrong window. We'll miss him.

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