Old Man     03/30/2000   loved by Brett and Theresa   Chinook, Mt

Old Man was abandoned at a local vet clinic by his owner's girlfriend. His owner was in jail at the time (where I worked) and didn't seem to mind that PAWS had ended up with his dog. The owner did tell me that he had gotten Old Man at a yard sale, and that "he really likes to chew on rocks." Poor Old Man was at least 13 years old then. No one wanted to adopt him, so he settled in with our 4 dogs and 1 cat (after all, what's one more?) I had never understood why people liked Chihuahuas, but I slowly was charmed by our crabby old guy. He was partially blind, kind of deaf, his kidneys had failed, he had a heart murmur, and had the nastiest habit of snapping at your face if you got too close. Our other dogs never did like him, but we became very attached to our little guy. He learned to give kisses, loved to lay next to us under a blanket, and groaned happily when we rubbed his ears. I think that I relied on him far more than he did me. We sure miss our little guy. But I take refuge in the image of him frolicing care-free and pain-free and someday, I will meet up with him again.

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