Jasmine     1992 - 1998   loved by Jennifer   Memphis, TN

To a wonderful dog that took great care of her family. Jasmine would play with me, my mom and dad as long as we could keep up with her. This beautiful pet would alert us if anyone was near our home and would protect her family no matter what. I lost her to diabetes on my birthday, July 5 1998. I know she didn't suffer, but I really wish she could have stayed with us longer. I know she is in Heaven now because she was a wonderful pet. I've been holding my sorrow in for too long, so now it's time to let it out so I can begin to heal. I miss you Jasmine very much. You were the first pet I ever had. Every day since you died I think of you and wish you were here. I have a new puppy now and she acts just like you! But I know that isn't possible, because you are one of a kind. I hope some day when my time comes that I can join you and we'll cross the Bridge together, never to be separated again. Love, Jennifer

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