Fibber McGee Spencer     1984 - 2000 Age 15   loved by Janet and Jerry Spencer   Helena, Mt

Fibber McGee Spencer died on Feb. 8, at the age of 15, which is 105 in dog years. Fibber was a high-spirited dog who never let anything get her down. She will be greatly missed. Born in the Deerlodge valley in 1984, Fibber was abandoned at a young age. Fortunately, she was taken in by her loving family, who are indebted to the Missoula Humane Society for arranging the adoption. Fibber spent the first part of life traveling extensively throughout Montana with her parents. She settled in Helena in 1985, graduating from the Janet Spencer School of Dog Training in 1986. She spent ten consecutive summers on various forest fire lookout towers around the state and also enjoyed two winters in Glacier National Park. Fibber dearly loved the many camping trips she went on and always looked forward to long walks in the woods. In 1999, she was voted the Old Roy Dog of the Year. In 1990, Fibber was tragically hit by a car. The valiant efforts of vet Arla Barkemeyer saved her life. However, she suffered a spinal injury which left her paralyzed from the waist down. This courageous canine never let her handicap slow her down. With the help of a wheelchair from the K-9 Cart Company, Fibber spent her last 9 years running full-tilt through the days of her life. One passerby, watching her in astonishment, summed up her situation by remarking, "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!" Fibber enjoyed fetching frisbees, burying bones and balls, and chewing on sticks. Her hobbies included sniffing people's crotches, untying their shoelaces, and barking. Fibber was preceded in death by her sister cat, Tatters. She is survived by her parents, Janet and Jerry Spencer, sister dog Or Else, sister cat Lily, and sister guinea pig Cookie, all of the family home. Cremation has taken place. Ashes will be scattered in the family flower garden, and a dogwood planted in her memory. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, Mt. Mourners, including anyone Fibber ever barket at, bit, or slobbered on, are invited to gather to bid farewell to Fibber at the Law Library in the St. John's Building, 25 So. Ewing, at 7pm on Friday, Feb. 25. Please join us in celebrating the spirit of this indomitable dog, our friend Fibber. (Fibber's picture and this obit appeared in the Independent Record in Helena on 2/24/00.)


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