Bailey     3 yrs.   loved by Susan Schroedel   Plains, Mt

I never met you Bailey...I only saw your beautiful face on the Billings Animal Shelter page. You were a smiling purebred yellow Labrador Retreiver, full of life and love. I checked the webpage daily for four days...and then suddenly you were gone. My inquiry about you led to the sad news that you had been euthanized. You had been adopted as a puppy and left alone without love nor companionship in the backyard of your owners. Your only means of love and attention was when you were able to break out in an attempt to find ANYONE who would offer you a kind word and a gentle touch. Your life ended alone and unloved on a cold steel table in the Billings Animal Shelter. Yes, there were those who wanted to give you a home...but they had no way of knowing that you were there. I may never forgive myself for not driving to Billings myself and rescuing you. Had I known that your time there would be cut so short...I would have done exactly that. But, my dear Bailey, please know that your life and your subsequent passing meant something to me. In your honor, I pledge, from this day forward, to make a difference in the life of many Labrador Retrievers. I hope to meet you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. You'll recognize me right away...I am the one with the black, yellow and chocolate dog hair on my clothing.


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