Wild Thing     Old   loved by Your Friends at Kitty Keepers   Havre, Mt

We knew you such a short time, but you hold such a big place in our hearts. You came to us one summer day, skinny, scragley and oh so wild. Our name for you was no accident. You hated us and made sure we knew it, but you couldn't have survived on your own much longer. Your teeth were so bad you could hardly eat anything but baby food. We took care of your immediate needs and got your teeth fixed. Your health improved, but not your attitude. There was nothing about this latest indignity to your hard life that you were going to accept gracefully. Still we took care of you and spoke softly to you each day. Somehow you knew we cared. It was so near the end of your time on earth when we got you that there wasn't much we could do to help you. But you learned to love us and to let us love you. Thank you for that. Your love makes all the rescues and work worthwhile. YOU are why we do this. You didn't die alone on the streets or mauled by some stronger animal! You died in our arms. That was our gift to you. We know you are in a better place and no longer the skeleton we knew and rocked. How could we know you such a short time and shed so many tears over your leaving us? We all miss you and will always remember our brief time together. Good-bye our friend until we meet again.

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