Stormy     3 yrs.   loved by Sandy Slater, HSGV   Bozeman, Mt

My precious Stormy, You must have been very young when life began to treat you unfairly. You were lost and you waited patiently, but they never came for you. You waited at our shelter for over a year for someone to give you a new home, but no one could see past your breed or your long coat or your "Hates Cats" and "Only Staff Can Walk Me" sign on your kennel. When other dogs would have gone mad with boredom from the isolation, somehow you managed to hang on. At last, you were given a chance for a new beginning with a kind family, but it wasn't meant to be. Now you are at peace. I miss you so much. I miss our walks, our trips to the bank, our rides to McDonalds for hamburgers. I miss your beautiful spirit, longing for just a glimpse each day of the world outside your kennel. You took such delight in the simplest things that we take for granted-the sunshine and grass and birds and airplanes and wind blowing the leaves on the trees. I would give all I have to see you running through the creek again on a hot summer day when the water washed over your furry little gray paws and cooled you off. You were not mine, but I loved you anyway. Wait for me, my little girl, at the Bridge and be good. -Always on my mind and forever in my heart- I love you, Stormy. Your friend, Sandy


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