Dempsey     3 1/2 months   loved by Rae and Linda (Saint L)   Polson, Mt

Someone put you in a dumpster. They cast you aside like some unwanted piece of garbage. Vicki heard your cries and climbed in to rescue you. Such a frightened little guy. I'd (Rae) been at the shelter for just a week and was dumfounded that someone would treat you so unkindly. Yet here you were. Huddled in a closed cage for your safety and comfort, lying perfectly still in a circle pillow. I came close to the cage door and spoke to you. You looked me straight in the eyes and hissed. Such a brave little boy. I made a point to look for you first thing every morning. You could have fit in my hands if you'd ever let me pick you up. But you stood your ground. Not knowing me well enough yet, and given your history, you mistrusted everyone. Except ... Saint L. After a week or so I saw you perched on her shoulders as she retrieved her e-mail; or meow to her as she was walking by. I thought "oh joy, he's finally come around!" and went over to get some lovin! , only to be rejected at every turn. You still didn't know me well enough. I'd spent far too much time with the dogs for your liking. Then slowly, ever so carefully, I won your trust. First I'd only speak to you in whispers, while I'd stroke your head for as long as you'd let me. And then .. as if by spoke to me. Saint L looked over at me with the biggest smile on her face (she knew how passionately I had pursued you). So I picked you up, you looked at me as I held you, and we were friends. How I loved you little Dempsey. And then slowly you began to fade. All the antibiotics in the world couldn't kill the damage already done to your frail body. Saint L brought tuna to tempt you. There was the best kitty food available with half-n-half for breakfast. Warm liver for brunch. After a while, when you couldn't walk to us, Saint L and I would find you and hold you close, wrapped up in our coats, while we carried you from task to task. You left us today. We ! could no longer ignore your decline. An appointment was set up for 11am and I could feel the urgency to stay close to you during the mornings busy routine. As Saint L put on her jacket for the trip to the Vet I instinctively grabbed you and held you close. I whispered to you "It's going to be alright Demps. I love you little buddy, I love you." Then I put you in the carrier and looked at you one last time. You looked back and meowed. I knew in my heart you would not come back. Yet on Saint L's return I looked down at the carrier to find you there. Looking in I saw 2 other shelter kittens peeping back at me. Then scanning and moving quickly I went to the kennels to find Saint L. She looked up as I went through the door. "Where's Demps?" I almost pleaded. Kind eyes, red eyes, gentle voice ... "He's gone". Our grief was immediate and profound. We fell sobbing into each others arms, finding comfort in our shared love for you. Our little Demps, our little angel. We loved you like no other.


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