Rapunzel     puppy   loved by Brenda Simon   Billings, Mt

Sweet little Rapunzel was a Pomeranian who entered my life and left little paw prints all over my heart. She came to the Billings Animal Shelter, where I am a volunteer, as a stray with a raging case of mange and precious few hairs! I saw the beauty of her Spirit in spite of her appearance! A date was made with the Vet and aggressive treatment of her condition began! Saturday the 31st of July will always bring tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart for it was on that day I went to the shelter and was told she was very sick. She was. I think her immune system crashed. I called my vet and after consulting with her we made the decision to grant Rapunzel Official Guardian Angel Status by sending her on her way with kindness and love, to the Rainbow Bridge. Rapunzel represents ALL the homeless, helpless four-legged pals people neglect, mistreat and discard like so much trash. I KNOW she is at peace now but her message and legacy is that we humans must NEVER ! become complacent and cold toward her fellow members of the Animal Kingdom. Bye for now, dear little Rapunzel...I love you and so does Susan and her friends at Seattle Purebred Rescue.

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