Bridgette     1991 - 9/27/98   loved by LuAnn, Frank, Little Baby, Sparky   Havre, Mt

Bridgette was adopted from Mission Valley Animal Shelter after her elderly owner died. A few days later she started having seizures. After three months of trying everything, we took her to the vet school in Pullman, WA where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery was performed, but several days later she developed pneumonia and they couldn't pull her out of it. She was always so sweet even though we think she had a headache all the time and she had balance problems. Perhaps she has already met her previous loving owner at the Rainbow Bridge. If not, we'll be looking for her when we get there. We only wish we could have known you when you felt good or that we could have helped you feel better, Bridgette. Your "sister" Little Baby is doing good and for that she has you to thank, because we adopted her because we wanted you to be able to stay together. About 1:30am on Sept 27, Frank was sitting up in the dark. He glanced out the big picture window and he saw a star twinkling brightly at him. He heard himself say, "Bridgette, you finally made it!" Half an hour later the phone rang to tell us Bridgette had passed away about 1:30am. Some believe that whenever someone dies, a new star will be seen in the sky. Our Bridgette is shining there now!


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