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Welcome to the Montana Pets on the Net Memorial Page Entry Form

Few things in life bring more pain than losing a beloved pet for those who love animals the way we do. For this reason, we at Montana Pets on the Net decided to create a memorial page on our website in order to give our viewers a place to share their petís pictures and stories with others. We invite you to memorialize your pet on our webpage in exchange for a $10 donation to the humane society or animal shelter of your choice. This site currently receives between 2600 and 3100 viewers a week! What better way to keep your petís memory alive than by sharing your pictures and stories with people all over the world?

To enter your pet on the Montana Pets on the Net Memorial Page, follow these steps.

1. Entering your petís story (pick one of the following entry methods)

  • On-line entry (preferred) can be made on the Form below.


  • Write out what youíd like to say about your pet and send it along with a picture to Dianne Armstrong, 530 South Harris, Helena, MT 59601. Please include a stamped, addressed envelope if you want the picture returned.

2. Entering your petís picture: (pick one of the following methods to submit a picture)

  • Send the picture by email (preferred) as a jpeg attachment to montanapets@earthlink.net If itís possible, send your jpeg picture in a 320 wide by 240 tall format. If you canít, thatís ok.


  • You may mail your picture to Dianne Armstrong (address above) if you do not have a way to scan and send it by e-mail as described in step 1 above. Don't forget to include your name and your pet's name to facilitate match-ups.

Memorial Request Form

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The following information is used for record keeping purposes only unless you specify that the your email, city or state may be shown.
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If this form does not work for you, please send an e-mail to:
with your pet's name, dob&dod or age, your name,
your e-mail, City, State & Zip, Phone, Organization for donation,
Web page URL link, Picture and Narrative . Thanks.

All Montana humane societies and shelters are welcome to list their animals on this site. Click HERE for more information.