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There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of it's many colors.

Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water, and warm Spring weather. Those old and frail animals are young again. Those who have been maimed are made whole again. They play all day with each other.

But there is only one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up. The nose twitches, the ears are up, and the eyes are staring, and this one suddenly runs from the group. You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her into your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never to be separated.

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[Picture, click for full size] Mischa   loved by Amy Abendroth   Missoula, MT
Mischa was the most adorable puppy...Doesn't every dog mommy think that? Her dad was K9 Hector of the Missoula Police Department and her mom was Tasha (owned by another police officer). She was extremely devoted to her people, affectionate, smart, neurotic (just ask her favorite Vet, Patti Prato) and oh-so-sensitive. She had numerous canine and feline brothers and sisters over the years and rolled with all of the changes in her "mom's" life - including numerous residential moves. One of her claims to fame involved eating the dog-sitter's raw Thanksgiving turkey (yes, the ENTIRE thing). She was nothing if not committed! Mischa was surrounded by some of the people she loved most as she left this world. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the next...

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[Picture, click for full size] Katie     ( 1996 - Nov., 22 2006 )   loved by Lisa and Dan Currier, all their friends and family   Laurel, MT
Katie came into our lives shortly after we got married. She was my best companion. She was there for me when Dan would be out to sea when he was in the Navy. When I told her dad was coming home she knew we were going to go pick him up at the ship, she would get so exited. She loved to surf the waves down at Virginia Beach, her last days we took her to the river with her life jacket on so she could play in the water, catching water droplets as she splashed but not worry about getting tired. She went everywhere with me. She flew from Virginia to Montana and California with me; we drove from Virginia to Florida I don't even know how many times. She was there for me through a lot. She started to get sick. Nobody could seem to find out what was wrong. I told her when it was time to let me know because she didn't deserve to suffer. They finally found out it was inoperable cancer. She did tell me when it was time. She followed me everywhere and wouldn't let me out of her sight. It was a very hard thing to let her go; she meant so much to me. But she didn't need to suffer she deserved so much better. I miss her still and always will. She was a great girl and everyone she met loved her gentle soul. I know I will meet her again. Donate to Help Every Pet Lisa Currier ddclmc@yahoo.com 206 3rd Ave Laurel, MT 59044; 406-672-2577

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Angus     ( 1992 - 2006 )   loved by the Desrosier family  
Sweet little Angus, we saved you from a shelter when you were only a pup. You had such energy and loved to play. You had your sight taken away from you so early but that didn't stop you. You still ran around like you could see! Then you got out and are hit by a car..only to walk all the way home with half of your back side hanging. We got you all healed up and made sure you were safe from then on. You are so amazing. I noticed these past few months that you were slowing way down and not running around with the other dogs at all. I found you today trying to hide behind the house and I knew it was time for you to meet the Lord. We will miss you so much. What a joy you were to us. Until we meet again. Merry Christmas †

[Picture, click for full size] Randi ( 8 yrs. )   loved by the Ketterling Family   Laurel, MT
Randi came into my life late. She was already loved by my husband since she was a tiny puppy. He joined our family, and so did she. I wasn't really a "dog person" I had always had cats. But Randi won me over in a big way. I always felt safe when my husband was out of town. Randi slept by my bed. When my family was sick she would lay by whose ever bed was ill. She always knew. She loved to ride in the truck and go places. She loved long walks, and a good bone or a new chew toy. Randi, you will be missed more than you know. Our hearts ache without you. You have touched us deeply, we love and miss you.

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[Picture, click for full size] Gallagher ( 1994 )   loved by Ron Osborne   Bremerton, WA
Gallagher what can I say about you? You were a stray who came to my house looking for food and never left. For three years you were as best of a friend as a person can have. You came at a time when my life was shattered and I didn't have a friend in the world. I sometimes think God decided we needed each other and he brought us together. All your silly antics, like the time you jumped out of the boat to chase a duck made me laugh and you while you didn't get the duck you realized you could swim. I look at your pictures often and remember you. You helped me get my feet back on the ground and go on with my life and though that life has taken me far from Montana I visit that spot by the river outside Boulder where you now rest everytime I come home. It was such a shock the evening I came home and you weren't waiting by the door, finding you lying in the bedroom was too much to bear when I realized you were gone. Now I have Doc and Quincy, 2 chows who keep me busy. I don't know who named Quincy but Doc was named because my wife had a sweatshirt on with Dopey from Snowwhite on it and since I didn't want to call him that I picked Doc. I think you would like them. They are not as silly as you were but they do have their moments. I pray you are happy. Rest easy my friend, you've earned it.

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[Picture, click for full size] Sundance ( 8 years )   loved by Rhonda Sage  
Sundance, my Beautiful Golden Retriever. You have been like the son I never had. You made my life worth living when I didn't think I wanted to live any more. We went through some very hard times together. It hurts so very much that I feel like my chest is being squeezed when I think of you. When I first bought you from your parents breeders I planned on you being my grandson's dog. Dominic and Jared did not get to know you for very long before we lost both of them--and you know how much that hurt better than any other living soul, except maybe your side kick, Pepper. For a while it was just you, Pepper, & I. I really didn't want to face the next day. But I had to, because I had to take care of you and Pepper. And you took care of me. I will never forget how proud you would be when you would help me to carry in the groceries, or when you would walk backwards with that really cute, funny look on your face. I remember how you saved that baby kitty. You went under a trailer house and brought out a tiny baby kitten that couldn't be older than a couple weeks. You dropped that kitten into my hands. He was spitting mad and very frightened, but you never put a mark on him. I remember you sharing your doghouse with him and I remember how he tried to nurse and suckle you--and he would knead you with his paws and claws. And you would look at me as if to say, "Mom, do you see how tiny he is?" "What if I squish him?" I will never stop feeling a great loss when I think of you not being with me any more. My heart aches. Life is going to be different without you. I'm really gonna miss you. I promise my love for you will never end. You helped me through losing my mom to Alzheimer’s and you helped me when Perky died--remember what a good little ball player she was? Then you were there with Sally and Feather as Pepper became ill and you helped me when I had to let him go. I am so sorry Sundance that I couldn't stop what was happening to you. You got sick and you went away so fast I hardly had time to understand that you were never coming back. I am so sorry I had to leave you at the vets on your last day. I stayed with you, sitting inside the kennel for as long as I possibly could and I didn't want to go until they gave you the anesthesia, but I had to. I will never forget your lips quivering with fear. I know how much you hated the vets and how scared you were, but if we didn't do the surgery there was no way to find out what was wrong with you. I really believed you would be all right. I just couldn't believe it when they told me you were gone. You had intestinal cancer and it spread so fast there was no way to save you. I wish I would have known you were going to get this disease. I would have done everything possible to prevent it. You were only 8 yrs old and people say at least you weren't real young and I just look at them and wonder why they think 8 is old. It's not old. I miss you so much. Sally misses you. She is lonely. We still go for walks to the ballpark. I found a ball that you must have missed. I think you found all of the others that people have lost. I still take Sally to run at the lake. And Star still plays with her, but it's not the same without you. You know you were Star's best playmate and Sally's better half. And you were my best friend. You were buried in the pet cemetery in the back of the property. You are next to Pepper, and of course Perky and Suzie are there with you. I have taken the crosses down and have repainted them so they would be fresh and new with yours. I have new bouquets of silk flowers. Blue for the boys of course, but Perky and Suzie still get the pink. Sally has finally figured out that you are not going to get out of the car when I come home. I will always miss the way you loved watermelon. You really loved it sometimes I think more that real meat. I will never forget you. I'm really gonna miss you. I Love You with All My Heart! Mom

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[Picture, click for full size] Obie ( 9/6/05 )   loved by Sheila Plummer   Missoula, MT
My dear Obie- You were the gentle giant every day I was priveledged to call you my "Baby boy". All 100 lbs. of you was pure love in my heart. You were so easy to love the first moment I saw you and I knew you would always be mine. You were waiting out in front of Tidyman's and a little boy said you needed a home. Thank you for being right there, right then. I took you home and mom and dad weren't too happy but you ended up staying. You were my complete companion that first two years out on my own by myself. I knew that every time I came home, you would be so glad to see me. And I loved your big expressive brown eyes and your sweet and soft spirit. Children were your favorite and you loved when we had guests that were "just your size". You will always be my Big Baby Boy... I am happy you get to be where your leg doesn't hurt anymore and all your body parts are well. I can see you already playing like the puppy you were, chewing mom and dad's hot tub cover and eating I don't know how many pairs of boots. Obie, you gave me so much. I will love you forever and miss you....Happy Trails my friend, Always. your momma, Sheila

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[Picture, click for full size] Sierra     ( 12/04/1994 - 8/11/05 )   loved by AnnaMarie and family  
My dog Sierra- companion for 10 1/2 years has passed on early this morning. His full name is Sierra Nevada De Santa Martin. It means "Heart of the World" (actual place in Columbia)and he certainly was mine. Sierra has been fighting an infection and blood disorder. He was on steroids for almost five months and antibodies for two weeks. BUT it got the best of him this am about 5:30. Sierra was in my arms and we held each and said good-bye. It is the hardest feelings I have had in years. Sierra has river rafted the Salmon, Snake, Blackfoot, Middle, South and North Fork of the Flathead, the American and South Fork of the American in Calif. One of my most favorite pictures is him basking in the sun on the Boulder River up Big Timber way. He enjoyed his last days of swimming in the Yellowstone River. I wonder if he sensed it because he would look at me and then just stare out at the river as if it really was his last time along the water he loved so much. Sierra was also an avid Hot Potter at Jerry Johnson Hot springs. He ran down Big Mountain when I skied. He did manage to ride up the lift once before we got caught. He pulled dog sleds with Dog Sled Adventure in Whitefish, he loved to swim and run next to my mountain bike. He hiked and camped with the best of them and loved to be outdoors as much as possible. I think riding in the back of the truck with his nose to the wind was his favorite as he probably wondered where we were going. I was also very lucky to be able to take him to work with me for most of his dog years. He slept under my desk and was very quiet and most accommodating to children at the women's shelter who wanted to play catch. He was and will always be an inspiration to me and I love him very much. I wanted to share this you because you are my friends and I need one right now since I just lost my best friend and companion. We never went anywhere without each other as much as could be helped. I even had to carry him back to the truck because he could not walk anymore yesterday. He is resting and I hope enjoying his new adventure. He kept me alive when I thought the world would crash many times in my life. He was a "sole reacher." Thank you for letting me share with you! Love AnnaMarie

[Picture, click for full size] Lazarus   loved by staff at Angels Among Us  
He was left in a stall without food or water. Neglected by his human’s misfortunes. He could only wonder what he ever did that would cause them to not love him anymore. Found by a stranger, with no time or money to try to give “yet another horse” a chance. So in Nov. 2001, he was taken on a one-way journey to an auction, his fate left in the hands of strangers. He was led into the auction ring, a skeleton disguised as a horse. Even the canner buyers turned up their noses. He was of no use to anyone. But we were there to see this poor horse. And we understood he had lived through hell. We knew if we did not do something to help him he would go through hell again in his death. We paid just $25, and with tears in our eyes, we drove to the sanctuary, because we still believed he was too near death's door to save. But when he stepped from the trailer and tossed his head and whinnied, we realized he had not given up and neither could we. Lazarus quickly stole our hearts. He was gentle and loved the attention. He knew he was now home, with people to love him and he would never again be neglected. A few days ago, Lazarus decided to take a short jaunt, just down the lane to the neighbors to say hi to the mares. He had never wandered away from home before, but his legs suddenly had the strength to carry him there. Then on Friday, the 10th of June, Lazarus lay down to sleep in his favorite spot. His human came home to find him there but his spirit had crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. She remembered at that moment, that just that morning, Lazarus had nickered at her when she came to feed him. She thought it odd, because he had never nickered “hello” to her before, But now we know he was just saying good-bye. Good-bye Lazarus. You will be missed. 6/12/05

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[Picture, click for full size] Alanna     ( 1/20/1990 - 2/13/2004 )   loved by her Mom Cathy, Amy, Gramma, Grandpa & many others.   Missoula, MT
Miss Alanna Deschamps was a Sun Goddess. She loved to sit in the sun. She knew the value of a good lap, and made friends by charming them. She could also appreciate a warm blanket or snuggling in the big soft bed. She was born in Spokane, Washington and later moved to Missoula, Montana with her Mom Cathy. She was enjoying her new kitty sister Ally from the Humane Society. Ally showed Alanna you could still feel young, even when you're old. She is missed by us every day, but we will find her waiting in Heaven for us. I love you "Peanut"...............Mom

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[Picture, click for full size] Babe     ( 04/1997 - 01/2004 )   loved by Tom, Bobbie and Ashlie Madigan, Bronx   Billings, MT
Babe was my precious white boxer, AKA Baby Louise. She came into my life after I had lost my father. I was quite down and she brightened my life from that point on, every day. She was so special and dearly loved by every one who knew her. Babe got sick on January 6th, 2004- out of the blue. I took her right to the vet in the a.m. They said she had symptoms of a sometimes fatal blood disorder (AIHA -autoimmune hemolytic anemia). She had a bloated belly, ragged breathing, no color to her gums or membranes at all. They did tons of tests, and ultrasound. She had to have her spleen removed, they knew that for sure. When they did surgery, her belly was full of blood as the spleen had ruptured. She was also full of cancer, spleen, liver, omentum (lining). They were going to let her go on the operating table, but I wanted to bring her home and let her die at home with us, keeping her comfortable of course. They said she would die, it could be days, weeks, months, no clue. After surgery, she just went downhill. I was able to see her that evening (thanks to my wonderful Vet, Dr. Gary Root at Community Pet Hospital, who stayed late so I could see her), however, she passed away during the night. We had her cremated and have a memorial spot set up in our "family photo section" just for her. She was the absolute best and my heart aches every minute of the day since we lost her. She was greatly loved and is dearly missed by all, but especially Tom, Bobbie and Ashlie Madigan, Bronx (her companion, St. Bernard and Puddin' her faithful playmate, out cat).

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Cody ( 11 years )   loved by Jessica, Michael, Kevin, and Vicki and many others   Billings, MT
Cody was the best dog in the world. He came into my life when I was three or so. When I was little, I used to be afraid of him. Cody was a purebred Golden Retriever who was a little bit chubby all of his life, but he started losing weight in the last few months. He wouldn't eat, we thought it was just a stomach flu, we went to the vet and they gave us some meds to give to him. They seemed to work for a while. He died of cancer in his colon, lymph nodes, and in his esophagus in October, 2003. I went to see him the day he went in for exploratory surgery and he looked like he knew what was going to happen. He looked miserable. He was a pretty big dog and he was crammed in this little cage. When he went in for surgery the vet saw all the tumors and they just put him down then. We miss you so much here but know you are no longer in pain. We love you so much ,Cody. Wait for us up there in Heaven!

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[Picture, click for full size] Bo     ( 4-27-00 - 1-3-04 )   loved by Sheri Bailey   Douglasville, GA
My little boy, Bo, passed last night. He lost his struggle with his horrible kidney disease. I had to release him from his suffering. He was only 3 1/2 years old and we had worked through this all of his life. Bo was born of royalty, his father being a conformation champion and his mother being an obedience trial champion. He achieved no titles during his life, but had something much more important than any title.....he had my heart. He took that with him when he passed. Life will never be the same without my little boy. Thanks, everyone, for all your thoughts and prayers. Godspeed BoBo. We'll miss you..… Sheri

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[Picture, click for full size] Athene ( 13 years )   loved by Eric, Erika, Akasha, and Akira  
We found "Fluffy" at the Missoula Humane Society in February 1990 and quickly decided she had to come home with us. Though she was fluffy, we thought a more dignified name was needed. We named her Athene and she blessed our lives with her gentle, sweet, and quiet disposition. A year later, we brought a 3 month-old kitten, Akasha, home. Akasha immediately ran up to Athene and hissed at her. Athene put up with this kitten attitude for a few months until she managed to win over Akasha's trust. They became the best of friends. In 1993, we brought home another kitten, Akira, who was 6 weeks old. Athene and Kira immediately bonded as if they were mother and daughter. They were almost never apart, either sleeping snuggled together or enjoying their other favorite activity, eating. The last year has been difficult as we watched Athene distance herself from all of us. She died in our arms in early September. We are glad that she spent 13 years of her life with us. Athene - Thank you for all the unconditional love you gave to each of us. We love you!

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Baron & Cody ( 14 & 3 yrs. )   loved by the DesRosier family  
Baron my sweet husky, there for me since I was 17 years old. I'll never regret all the sacrifices I made to keep you, and would do it all over again if given the chance. You were so happy in Washington, we knew it was better to leave you there. I'm only sorry we weren't able to say goodbye. I know where you are and Cody, whose life was ended all to early is waiting. I think we don't know how much our pets mean to us until they are no longer around. You and Baron wait for me!

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[Picture, click for full size] Bingo/aka Georgi     ( 2002 - 2003 )   loved by Ren   Kremlin, MT
Sweet little Bingo was taken in as a rescue from the pound with another pup, Snickers. At six months old, I thought he was a little laid back, but still romped with Snickers and had a very loving personality. Ravina saw him on my page and fell in love with him-even printed his picture before she met him. Ravina had suffered for the past couple of years over the loss of her companion, and Bingo was that special one to help her with her grief. They went happily home but noticed, (now known as Georgi), that he was panting a lot. When at the vet for his boosters, x-rays were taken and the outcome was not positive. Georgi had suffered a great trauma in his short life and the diagnosis was diaphragmatic hernia. He was left at my vet so I could additionally have a barium x-ray done to see if surgery was possible. Too much damage-the heart was displaced as well as the liver, and the possibility of Georgi surviving surgery was highly unlikely. Georgi could not even lie down anymore-breathing was too difficult. Prior to the final x-ray, my dream was to fix Georgi and be able to hand him back to Ravina with a big bow....but that was not to happen. The following day after I had to say good-bye to my dear Tasha, I held dear Georgi while he left us for the bridge. I will never know what trauma caused his young body to be so damaged. I do know that in the very short time he was with me, he left his paw-prints all over my heart, and the heart of Ravina.

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[Picture, click for full size] Dallas   loved by Kari Ann   Ft. Benton, MT
It is with great sadness that I write this. My dog and best friend Dallas passed away Easter Sunday due to complications from seizures. He started seizing at 4 am and continued until I was able to find a vet to come to the house. It was more than his heart and body could handle...he passed on to doggie heaven that afternoon. Dallas went to work with me at the shelter every day. He knew he had a job to do. He greeted the visitors at the door and welcomed the new pets coming into the shelter. No door bell needed, just a bark to let you know someone was there. I also trusted Dallas to help make decisions on adoptions. At times he just didn't want some people in the shelter and by the end of the adoption process, neither did I. He just knew not everyone loved pets. Dallas was great with all the pets in the shelter, playing and running with them and always ready to bathe the little kittens. He also helped with children that were scared of dogs. I will never forget one little boy who came to the shelter with his dad. The boy had been attacked by a dog and was totally petrified of them. He screamed the first couple of times he saw Dallas, but his dad brought him back week after week, month after month and Dallas kept his distance. Slowly the little boy moved closer and closer to Dallas, until one day he reached out and touched his head. I must tell you that my dog was ever ready with a wet kiss or a hand shake so it must have been hard to just sit still for the little boy, but he did. Like a statue. As time progressed, the boy was able to pet and talk to Dallas and one day, much to Dallas's great joy, they were able to romp and play. He knew that if he was patient the rewards would be great. I am so very lost without my friend. He was with me 24-7. If I went somewhere, Dallas was right beside my legs, or in the front of the car , my trusty co-pilot, ready for that Fri. night Burger King raid. When cleaning the house or cooking, I would automatically step out and over as I knew Dallas was right there, laying by my feet. He would even peek thru the shower curtain to make sure he could see me and that I was ok. From the day my husband brought him home at 6 weeks of age, Dallas' job was to take care of me. We butted heads for a few years with the typical lab attitude of chewing and eating everything. Finally we came to an agreement, give Dallas what he wanted!! A toy box full of toys at all times..and take him everywhere with me.. If I left him at home, he would lay by the front door and cry till I came home. And I always got a lecture from him which would last until I said I was sorry. His favorite time was summer when we would go camping. Dallas would ride the jet-ski all over the lake with me. He also kept a close eye on kids in the water. He would swim out to them and make sure they were ok. If you grabbed his harness, he would turn and head straight to shore. He was definitely a dog with a mission in life, to make sure everyone was safe. There are so many other great things about Dallas, I could go on forever . I tell ya for a puppy that I didn't want, he sure became my best friend. The only peace I can find right now is that he isn't suffering. But time was just too short. The picture is of Dallas and his kitty (Bam Bam) he adopted from the shelter in 1999. Thank you for listening. I just needed to say some things in memory of my best friend. Kari Ann Anderson The Dedman Foundation

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[Picture, click for full size] Badger     ( 3/17/96 - 10/25/01 )   loved by Art & Donna Owens   Plains, MT
Our Badger came to us from the shelter in Missoula at 6 months of age. He was a tall skinny natural eared boy no one seemed to want. To me, he was the most beautiful Doberman I had ever seen. He was my constant companion, he went everywhere with me. Badger and I went to Arizona last month. He became ill on the trip down. 4 days later, he died in my arms from pancreatic cancer. I love you and miss you my sweet Badger boy. Rest in peace baby, until we meet again.

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[Picture, click for full size] Susie ( 16 years )   loved by Julie, Jim and Maggie   Missoula, MT
We got Susie from someone who knew she had been abused and was going to take her to the shelter. I decided to see if she got along with our golden, Maggie. Well, she was very polite, but distant, but we decided to take her. The vet said she was about 5 or 6 then. It wasn't long before she wormed her way into our hearts and started to show affection, but she was afraid of Jim for a long time. We figured it had been a male who had abused her. She was a golden-cocker mix, and had the best traits of both breeds. Lots of people would confuse her with a golden puppy, as she was smaller in stature, and really furry. She was definitely a "mama's girl"-- my constant companion, never straying from my side if I was home. We loved her furry little feet and her gentle manner and the way her hind leg would twitch when you rubbed her tummy! This year we began to see her struggle--her eyesight was poor, and she no longer heard the thunder that used to terrify her. But she still loved to take hikes, even though she was a lot slower on the trips home. She got an infection in her foot from some nasty cheet grass on Mount Sentinel, and when the vet wanted to put her under, we had a bad feeling. Still, she needed the medical attention. The anesthesia proved too much for her. She just couldn't come out of it.. Before we had to decide to pull the plug, she stopped breathing on her own. We know she is in heaven, and someday we will meet our little princess again. We had ten great years together, but wanted more. We'll always miss you, Snooz.

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Poochie ( 14 years )   loved by Mildred Biebinger  
Poochie was a very wonderful and loving dog who loved to be around people, and loved to keep you company. He will be missed by all of us. ( Owner Mildred Biebinger), Vern Biebinger, Cindy Biebinger, Brenda Bolan, Robert Bolan, Dustin Bolan, Jared Bolan, Lacey Bolan, and Darla Petterson) We love you poochie.

[Picture, click for full size] Keea Marie ( 10 years )   loved by Candy Kirby   Helena, MT
I had just lost my Cocker, Ginger to cancer of the throat. Being lost without a dog, I set out to find another "friend in need". The Lewis & Clark Humane Society was the first stop but they didn't have a small apartment sized dog available. Off to the Great Falls shelter where I found one possibility: an older, golden male Cocker…with a barking problem and aggressive attitude. With some regret, I said no. The next day, I had a job interview at 1 pm…but that morning, I knew I had to try the shelter in Missoula. Walking into the kennels inside the Missoula Animal Control, I saw a small black/white Cocker in the very first pen. On the leash and out the door she went with me! Six months old, she was and had spent three of those months at the shelter. It was meant to be. Ten years, Keea and I played together. Through good times and bad. She played with horses, cows, birds, cats, her brother and sister (greyhounds) and multiple foster dogs. Having had surgery for a cancerous tumor twice, I let her go last Friday. But I will always cherish the time we had together and her happy little face. And I know she is frolicking up in Heaven with her horse, Noble Harry and friend, Misty. Mom will meet you at the bridge, Keea Marie.

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[Picture, click for full size] Skeeter     ( 4-25-86 - 3-29-01 )   loved by Jackie, Dan, Amber & Travis   Idaha Falls, ID
I got Skeeter from a couple who had a Doberman and did not have a lot of interest in a Poodle. I feel in love with him and took him home where he would be for the next 13 years. Skeeter went through several moves and several other dogs and it never bothered him a bit. He was a very caring dog. He could always sense when there was sadness and tried to be there to comfort you. He was a momma's boy and was always close by. He loved to go for rides in the car and was a great companion. He was always close by for dinner, as table food was his absoulute favorite. This past winter I noticed a big change in him so with concern I took him in for a check up and blood work. The vet said he looked good and did not feel there were any worries. Then the bad news came his blood results showed his kidneys were failing and he had diabetes. His system was slowly shutting down. He tried so hard to play but he just could not anymore. When we got up on March 29, Skeeter did not greet us in the kitchen like usual for his breakfast. I finally found him in the family room downstairs resting against the loveseat. He could not get up and cried out when I touched his front leg. We took him to the vet. His leg had deterioted and broken into pieces. He said they could try to fix it but it would not be fair to Skeeter because he would never heal right. I had always said if I knew he was suffering, I would let him go. I held him to the end wrapped him in his blanket and took him home. We buried him in the back yard on his dog bed wrapped in his blanket. Each day gets a little easier, but he will always be a very special part of my life. Rest little one, I love and miss you. I will meet you again at the bridge. Love, Mom

[Picture, click for full size] Rowdy   loved by Mike & Wendy Miller   Billings, MT
Rowdy came into our life with a little planning, a lot of looking and as a surprise. He left our life very unexpectedly, abruptly and as a surprise. In January 1999, I decided to get a very special Valentines Day present for my husband. He had told me he wanted an Australian Shepherd, female, red merle, with blue eyes. Now, this is a pretty tall order to fill but I did my best. A friend of mine brought me the name and phone number of a local breeder. I called her and she had one puppy left of the last litter. He was 10 weeks old, red merle, male, with green eyes. I made arrangements to meet during my noon hour to see the puppy. Needless to say, since I got him on my lunch hour, he spent the rest of the day with me at work. When I got home that evening, I put the puppy in the back yard and Mike came to the door. I just handed him the papers. And said “Happy Valentines Day!” We decided he must be hungry and went to town to get some food and stuff for our new baby. Before we left, we barricaded him in the laundry room. When we got back, he was snuggled up in the chair in the living room on my cloak. He had obviously bonded to me. I named him Rowdy. He was a very happy little guy. As Rowdy continued to grow, we more or less treated him like our child. We bought him special toys and treats, took him to “grandma’s” and just about everywhere else we went. He just loved to go for a ride. If he even thought there was a chance we might take him for a ride, he would go outside and lie down beside the car and wait. He was so fun to have around!! He loved to play in the water. He played in his water dish all the time. When summer came, we bought him a wading pool. It was so funny; he’d stick his head under water and blow bubbles out his nose. If he made a little mud, he had to go splashing around in it. What a water rat!! Late in July, Mike had to go to Idaho for two weeks for AT. While Mike was gone, Rowdy became very protective of us. He also became very protective of our yard. If a vehicle came into the yard, he’d go bananas barking at it until he saw who was in the car. If he was in the house when someone came. He made sure we knew about it. Rowdy was my constant companion. He was by my side as much as he could possibly be there. When I would get home from work at night, there he was, jumping to see me over the gate. My little jack in the box. He would “talk” to me all the time. If he thought I wasn’t paying enough attention to him he would talk to me so I would talk back to him. Rowdy had friends. We would take him to my parents’ and he played with Murphy, their dog. He also played with Big Foot, my brother’s Saint Bernard. He touched everyone who met him. He liked to go to the armory when we had things going on there and see the soldiers in Mike’s Guard Unit. They all liked him. He even got to be on TV the day our Unit was deployed to go fight the Wildfires of the Summer of 2000. Rowdy was taken from us on a cold snowy Sunday morning in November 2000. He was outside playing in the snow. We decided to go to town and take him with us so I called him. He didn’t come, which was not normal; he always came when I called. I got dressed and went out to see where he was. Just as I walked out the back door, I saw our beautiful little boy lying in the middle of the highway. I just screamed “Rowdy!!” and went running across the yard to where his little body lay in the road. He had been hit hard at a pretty high rate of speed. He was really broken badly. I lifted his beautiful little head and he looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes. Then he closed them and he was gone. Some people helped me to get him to the house. Mike met me at the door and just held me and we both cried for our little boy. The next day, I called and made arrangements to have him cremated. We have his ashes in a little box. We miss him terribly. Rowdy touched a lot of people’s lives with nothing but joy. He was a very happy dog and very much loved by everyone who knew him.

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[Picture, click for full size] Dillion's Quid Pro Quo Buckeroo     ( 7/25/1998 - 1/9/1999 )   loved by Ingrid Rosenquist   Missoula, MT
Dillion’s Quid Pro Quo Buckeroo was greatly loved by Ingrid Rosenquist. Buck came from a puppy mill specializing in Australian Cattle Dogs outside of Billings, Montana. Buck was 7 weeks old when I visited this ranch to look at their cattle dogs. I should have known that I could not leave without taking a pup with me out of pity. The ranch had dogs chained to farm equipment all over the place and there were stalls filled with pitiful looking puppies that begged for the slightest attention. For some reason, Buck just stood out as a pup I could not leave behind. He was assertive, obnoxious and made his presence known! Buck was so dirty that I did not know what his true coloring was until I got him home and bathed him. Buck was a lovely dog that’s time on this earth was far too short. Buck was my constant companion, confidente, and best friend - he challenged me to become a better trainer when it came to my dogs and taught me what the word “loyalty” really means. Tragically, Buck’s death was as sad as his birth - a friend of a roommate was at my home and “decided” that Buck should be allowed to play with his girlfriend’s dog while I was at work. He let Buck out of his kennel and proceeded to forget about the dogs. Buck was hit by a car and later died of cardiac arrest on the operating table. If there is a lesson to be learned from Buck’s short life, it is that breeding should not be done by the general dog owner and that you should always make sure that your dog is in a secure area that no one can access without your permission. I now have another cattle dog male named Broken Circle BucksKgdmByTheC in honor of Buck. You see, the term “kingdom by the sea” is from an Edgar Allen Poe poem that is about two lovers separated by death and every time the man looks at the stars, he sees his true love’s eyes. Every time I looked at “Poe,” I see the loving, loyal, and intelligent look of Buck in them.

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[Picture, click for full size] Sara     ( 11/25/93 - 9/2/2000 )   loved by Lana, Ken, Abbey & Dewy & Toby   Malta, Mt
I needed Sara and she needed me. We were put together for a season and that season was way too short. I mourn for her and I miss her so much I feel as though my heart is broken and continues to break. There has never been nor will ever be another Sara. Remember that I, we love you and will be looking for you. Please be there so we can spend eternity with each other.

E-Mail 7mteast@3rivers.net  

[Picture, click for full size] Rosie     ( 12/20/87 - 3/20/00 )   loved by Dianne, Ron, Sr. Elizabeth   Helena, Mt
We were blessed with Rosie’s presence for twelve wonderful years. As a puppy she proudly held the title for “most chew damage done in a single afternoon,” having successfully updated our Early American furniture to a more contemporary style. (First she removed all the skirts, then she ate the mattress.) When we got home our house resembled something on the order of “D'em Old Cotton Fields Back Home.” Another of our favorite Rosie stories is this one. Our friend, Sr. Elizabeth, a home health nurse, frequently took Rosie and our first Mini Schnauzer, Sadie, with her on rounds to the senior housing units. One day she left them in the car instead while she briefly ran in to deliver some meds. Rosie took up her usual post with both paws on the steering wheel and Sadie in the passenger seat anxiously awaiting her return. Suddenly a few minutes later an elderly lady came running through the lobby yelling, "I saw it…I saw it with my own eyes… a dog driving a car..." "Oh no", Sr. Elizabeth thought as she raced to the back door. No car. It had rolled backwards down the driveway and come to rest in a parking lot across the street with Rosie still at the wheel, and Sadie howling away from the passenger side. Thus Rosie's theme song which plays on her furpage: "Baby, Won't You Drive My Car" by the Beatles. Rosie was diagnosed with cancer on 4/2/99 and given a four month prognosis, but Rosie, unsure if there was any food on the other side, decided to stick around just in case, for another wonderful year. Sadly, her spine collapsed last week leaving her in pain and with difficulty walking. Rosie left my arms for the Rainbow Bridge on the first day of spring, right after consuming a face full of doggie biscuits for the road. There will never be another Rosie. Good bye, my love.

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[Picture, click for full size] Benji     ( 9-9-83 - 8-23-99 Age 16 )   loved by Judy & Darrell   Calgary
It has almost been 1 year since we had our wonderful little Benji put down. I always said when he lost the sparkle in his eyes, I would have him put to sleep. That is much easier said than done when the time came. I think he knew what was happening and he was grateful. I want to belive that. Yes it took him 16 years to train us, we were slow learners I guess. He gave us unconditional love and caring. It was so nice to come home and see him jump all over, happy to greet us, even if we had the most vile day of all at work. He was very passionate about his food. He liked all the food groups, ethnic food such as spaghetti, lasagna, Jimmy Dean sausages, pizza to name a few of his favorite things. When I had him at the vet, they asked what we had been feeding him. I told him human food. The vet said he was an anomoly. Since he had pekingese in him along with poodle, he could sure greet people with his bark. When we were driving in the car he had to voice his opinion about every other driver. Benji was a faithful friend, confidant and all round fun guy. He enriched our lives so much and I am thankful he was part of my life. I know he is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and when we get there we can all be a family again. I know that God is looking after him until I get there. Bye my sweet Benji, remember Daddy and I love you and look forward to seeing you.

E-Mail jkeehn@telusplanet.net  

[Picture, click for full size] Old Man ( 03/30/2000 )   loved by Brett and Theresa   Chinook, Mt
Old Man was abandoned at a local vet clinic by his owner's girlfriend. His owner was in jail at the time (where I worked) and didn't seem to mind that PAWS had ended up with his dog. The owner did tell me that he had gotten Old Man at a yard sale, and that "he really likes to chew on rocks." Poor Old Man was at least 13 years old then. No one wanted to adopt him, so he settled in with our 4 dogs and 1 cat (after all, what's one more?) I had never understood why people liked Chihuahuas, but I slowly was charmed by our crabby old guy. He was partially blind, kind of deaf, his kidneys had failed, he had a heart murmur, and had the nastiest habit of snapping at your face if you got too close. Our other dogs never did like him, but we became very attached to our little guy. He learned to give kisses, loved to lay next to us under a blanket, and groaned happily when we rubbed his ears. I think that I relied on him far more than he did me. We sure miss our little guy. But I take refuge in the image of him frolicing care-free and pain-free and someday, I will meet up with him again.

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[Picture, click for full size] Jasmine     ( 1992 - 1998 )   loved by Jennifer   Memphis, TN
To a wonderful dog that took great care of her family. Jasmine would play with me, my mom and dad as long as we could keep up with her. This beautiful pet would alert us if anyone was near our home and would protect her family no matter what. I lost her to diabetes on my birthday, July 5 1998. I know she didn't suffer, but I really wish she could have stayed with us longer. I know she is in Heaven now because she was a wonderful pet. I've been holding my sorrow in for too long, so now it's time to let it out so I can begin to heal. I miss you Jasmine very much. You were the first pet I ever had. Every day since you died I think of you and wish you were here. I have a new puppy now and she acts just like you! But I know that isn't possible, because you are one of a kind. I hope some day when my time comes that I can join you and we'll cross the Bridge together, never to be separated again. Love, Jennifer

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[Picture, click for full size] Fibber McGee Spencer     ( 1984 - 2000 Age 15 )   loved by Janet and Jerry Spencer   Helena, Mt
Fibber McGee Spencer died on Feb. 8, at the age of 15, which is 105 in dog years. Fibber was a high-spirited dog who never let anything get her down. She will be greatly missed. Born in the Deerlodge valley in 1984, Fibber was abandoned at a young age. Fortunately, she was taken in by her loving family, who are indebted to the Missoula Humane Society for arranging the adoption. Fibber spent the first part of life traveling extensively throughout Montana with her parents. She settled in Helena in 1985, graduating from the Janet Spencer School of Dog Training in 1986. She spent ten consecutive summers on various forest fire lookout towers around the state and also enjoyed two winters in Glacier National Park. Fibber dearly loved the many camping trips she went on and always looked forward to long walks in the woods. In 1999, she was voted the Old Roy Dog of the Year. In 1990, Fibber was tragically hit by a car. The valiant efforts of vet Arla Barkemeyer saved her life. However, she suffered a spinal injury which left her paralyzed from the waist down. This courageous canine never let her handicap slow her down. With the help of a wheelchair from the K-9 Cart Company, Fibber spent her last 9 years running full-tilt through the days of her life. One passerby, watching her in astonishment, summed up her situation by remarking, "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!" Fibber enjoyed fetching frisbees, burying bones and balls, and chewing on sticks. Her hobbies included sniffing people's crotches, untying their shoelaces, and barking. Fibber was preceded in death by her sister cat, Tatters. She is survived by her parents, Janet and Jerry Spencer, sister dog Or Else, sister cat Lily, and sister guinea pig Cookie, all of the family home. Cremation has taken place. Ashes will be scattered in the family flower garden, and a dogwood planted in her memory. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, Mt. Mourners, including anyone Fibber ever barket at, bit, or slobbered on, are invited to gather to bid farewell to Fibber at the Law Library in the St. John's Building, 25 So. Ewing, at 7pm on Friday, Feb. 25. Please join us in celebrating the spirit of this indomitable dog, our friend Fibber. (Fibber's picture and this obit appeared in the Independent Record in Helena on 2/24/00.)

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[Picture, click for full size] Bailey ( 3 yrs. )   loved by Susan Schroedel   Plains, Mt
I never met you Bailey...I only saw your beautiful face on the Billings Animal Shelter page. You were a smiling purebred yellow Labrador Retreiver, full of life and love. I checked the webpage daily for four days...and then suddenly you were gone. My inquiry about you led to the sad news that you had been euthanized. You had been adopted as a puppy and left alone without love nor companionship in the backyard of your owners. Your only means of love and attention was when you were able to break out in an attempt to find ANYONE who would offer you a kind word and a gentle touch. Your life ended alone and unloved on a cold steel table in the Billings Animal Shelter. Yes, there were those who wanted to give you a home...but they had no way of knowing that you were there. I may never forgive myself for not driving to Billings myself and rescuing you. Had I known that your time there would be cut so short...I would have done exactly that. But, my dear Bailey, please know that your life and your subsequent passing meant something to me. In your honor, I pledge, from this day forward, to make a difference in the life of many Labrador Retrievers. I hope to meet you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. You'll recognize me right away...I am the one with the black, yellow and chocolate dog hair on my clothing.

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[Picture, click for full size] Wild Thing ( Old )   loved by Your Friends at Kitty Keepers   Havre, Mt
We knew you such a short time, but you hold such a big place in our hearts. You came to us one summer day, skinny, scragley and oh so wild. Our name for you was no accident. You hated us and made sure we knew it, but you couldn't have survived on your own much longer. Your teeth were so bad you could hardly eat anything but baby food. We took care of your immediate needs and got your teeth fixed. Your health improved, but not your attitude. There was nothing about this latest indignity to your hard life that you were going to accept gracefully. Still we took care of you and spoke softly to you each day. Somehow you knew we cared. It was so near the end of your time on earth when we got you that there wasn't much we could do to help you. But you learned to love us and to let us love you. Thank you for that. Your love makes all the rescues and work worthwhile. YOU are why we do this. You didn't die alone on the streets or mauled by some stronger animal! You died in our arms. That was our gift to you. We know you are in a better place and no longer the skeleton we knew and rocked. How could we know you such a short time and shed so many tears over your leaving us? We all miss you and will always remember our brief time together. Good-bye our friend until we meet again.

E-Mail jerry.bergren@hi-line.net  

[Picture, click for full size] Jose (Tinsey Boy)     ( 5-89 - 10-99 )   loved by Lari Anne   Helena, Mt
There is no way to describe the love I have for Jose. He was my light! He came into my life at a time when we both very much needed each other. He was a puppy mill reject and almost dead while I was young and facing an unplanned pregnancy. We pulled each other through and had a spiritual connection that is like no other. He followed me everywhere and if we were separated, we missed each other dearly. His death came too soon to me as I expected a good 18 years but instead got a Great 10 1/2 years. I love you, my little Jose and I will always miss you. Please take care until we meet again. Your loving soul mate, Lari Anne!

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[Picture, click for full size] Skimmer   loved by Elaine Sehnert   Missoula, Mt
You first appeared as a fluffy ball of fur abandoned on our landlady's front porch on Christmas Eve. She immediately knew that this should be a little boy's dog, so you came to live with us and stayed for 13 years. Mark, the little boy who literally grew up with you, named you Skimmer (after a jaunty, brave little speedboat in one of his children's books). From lively puppyhood through adolescence and adulthood to the slowing down of a senior citizen dog, you gave us friendship, companionship, and joy. You were so much smarter than we were and really deserved a family that knew how to train you, but since that isn't what you got, you just trained us instead. You also kept us healthy; that two-mile walk you insisted on every evening (rain or shine) was probably the best exercise program I ever had. Perhaps most important, you loved us unconditionally. In all the families I've been a part of throughout my life, you were the only family member who was always so glad to see me when I got home that you would jump up and down and shout with joy -- every time -- no matter how long I'd been gone. You put up with a variety of cat companions over the years, and right now you're probably at the bridge playing with Angela, Leroy, Max, Jake, Elwood, and the cat that you always stopped to visit on our nightly walks. There won't be any trouble finding you when the time comes; you'll be the one jumping up and down and shouting with joy -- and this time, I think maybe I will be too.

[Picture, click for full size] Stormy ( 3 yrs. )   loved by Sandy Slater, HSGV   Bozeman, Mt
My precious Stormy, You must have been very young when life began to treat you unfairly. You were lost and you waited patiently, but they never came for you. You waited at our shelter for over a year for someone to give you a new home, but no one could see past your breed or your long coat or your "Hates Cats" and "Only Staff Can Walk Me" sign on your kennel. When other dogs would have gone mad with boredom from the isolation, somehow you managed to hang on. At last, you were given a chance for a new beginning with a kind family, but it wasn't meant to be. Now you are at peace. I miss you so much. I miss our walks, our trips to the bank, our rides to McDonalds for hamburgers. I miss your beautiful spirit, longing for just a glimpse each day of the world outside your kennel. You took such delight in the simplest things that we take for granted-the sunshine and grass and birds and airplanes and wind blowing the leaves on the trees. I would give all I have to see you running through the creek again on a hot summer day when the water washed over your furry little gray paws and cooled you off. You were not mine, but I loved you anyway. Wait for me, my little girl, at the Bridge and be good. -Always on my mind and forever in my heart- I love you, Stormy. Your friend, Sandy

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[Picture, click for full size] Bandit ( 11 yrs. )   loved by Deb & Jim and family   Helena, Mt
In loving memory of Bandit, our precious little Beardie. This picture was taken the day before he died.

[Picture, click for full size] Dempsey ( 3 1/2 months )   loved by Rae and Linda (Saint L)   Polson, Mt
Someone put you in a dumpster. They cast you aside like some unwanted piece of garbage. Vicki heard your cries and climbed in to rescue you. Such a frightened little guy. I'd (Rae) been at the shelter for just a week and was dumfounded that someone would treat you so unkindly. Yet here you were. Huddled in a closed cage for your safety and comfort, lying perfectly still in a circle pillow. I came close to the cage door and spoke to you. You looked me straight in the eyes and hissed. Such a brave little boy. I made a point to look for you first thing every morning. You could have fit in my hands if you'd ever let me pick you up. But you stood your ground. Not knowing me well enough yet, and given your history, you mistrusted everyone. Except ... Saint L. After a week or so I saw you perched on her shoulders as she retrieved her e-mail; or meow to her as she was walking by. I thought "oh joy, he's finally come around!" and went over to get some lovin! , only to be rejected at every turn. You still didn't know me well enough. I'd spent far too much time with the dogs for your liking. Then slowly, ever so carefully, I won your trust. First I'd only speak to you in whispers, while I'd stroke your head for as long as you'd let me. And then .. as if by magic..you spoke to me. Saint L looked over at me with the biggest smile on her face (she knew how passionately I had pursued you). So I picked you up, you looked at me as I held you, and we were friends. How I loved you little Dempsey. And then slowly you began to fade. All the antibiotics in the world couldn't kill the damage already done to your frail body. Saint L brought tuna to tempt you. There was the best kitty food available with half-n-half for breakfast. Warm liver for brunch. After a while, when you couldn't walk to us, Saint L and I would find you and hold you close, wrapped up in our coats, while we carried you from task to task. You left us today. We ! could no longer ignore your decline. An appointment was set up for 11am and I could feel the urgency to stay close to you during the mornings busy routine. As Saint L put on her jacket for the trip to the Vet I instinctively grabbed you and held you close. I whispered to you "It's going to be alright Demps. I love you little buddy, I love you." Then I put you in the carrier and looked at you one last time. You looked back and meowed. I knew in my heart you would not come back. Yet on Saint L's return I looked down at the carrier to find you there. Looking in I saw 2 other shelter kittens peeping back at me. Then scanning and moving quickly I went to the kennels to find Saint L. She looked up as I went through the door. "Where's Demps?" I almost pleaded. Kind eyes, red eyes, gentle voice ... "He's gone". Our grief was immediate and profound. We fell sobbing into each others arms, finding comfort in our shared love for you. Our little Demps, our little angel. We loved you like no other.

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[Picture, click for full size] Rapunzel ( puppy )   loved by Brenda Simon   Billings, Mt
Sweet little Rapunzel was a Pomeranian who entered my life and left little paw prints all over my heart. She came to the Billings Animal Shelter, where I am a volunteer, as a stray with a raging case of mange and precious few hairs! I saw the beauty of her Spirit in spite of her appearance! A date was made with the Vet and aggressive treatment of her condition began! Saturday the 31st of July will always bring tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart for it was on that day I went to the shelter and was told she was very sick. She was. I think her immune system crashed. I called my vet and after consulting with her we made the decision to grant Rapunzel Official Guardian Angel Status by sending her on her way with kindness and love, to the Rainbow Bridge. Rapunzel represents ALL the homeless, helpless four-legged pals people neglect, mistreat and discard like so much trash. I KNOW she is at peace now but her message and legacy is that we humans must NEVER ! become complacent and cold toward her fellow members of the Animal Kingdom. Bye for now, dear little Rapunzel...I love you and so does Susan and her friends at Seattle Purebred Rescue.

E-Mail mtelf@yahoo.com  

[Picture, click for full size] Taffy ( 18 mos. )   loved by LuAnn   Havre, Mt
I met Taffy at a city shelter when she was brought in as a stray by a concerned person along with two other dogs. She must have known she didn't have a chance. The shelter didn't even keep her the usual 96 hours for whatever excuse they had. She seemed very sweet and looked very imploringly at me when I took this picture. In my heart Taffy will be remembered as a symbol of all those loving creatures out there at the mercy of humans who don't ever give them a fair chance at living. I don't know if anyone will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, Taffy, but I'll be looking for you.

E-Mail daisyday@ttc-cmc.net  

[Picture, click for full size] Bridgette     ( 1991 - 9/27/98 )   loved by LuAnn, Frank, Little Baby, Sparky   Havre, Mt
Bridgette was adopted from Mission Valley Animal Shelter after her elderly owner died. A few days later she started having seizures. After three months of trying everything, we took her to the vet school in Pullman, WA where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery was performed, but several days later she developed pneumonia and they couldn't pull her out of it. She was always so sweet even though we think she had a headache all the time and she had balance problems. Perhaps she has already met her previous loving owner at the Rainbow Bridge. If not, we'll be looking for her when we get there. We only wish we could have known you when you felt good or that we could have helped you feel better, Bridgette. Your "sister" Little Baby is doing good and for that she has you to thank, because we adopted her because we wanted you to be able to stay together. About 1:30am on Sept 27, Frank was sitting up in the dark. He glanced out the big picture window and he saw a star twinkling brightly at him. He heard himself say, "Bridgette, you finally made it!" Half an hour later the phone rang to tell us Bridgette had passed away about 1:30am. Some believe that whenever someone dies, a new star will be seen in the sky. Our Bridgette is shining there now!

E-Mail daisyday@ttc-cmc.net  

[Picture, click for full size] Tux ( 13 yrs. )   loved by Marian   Helena, Mt
I taught school for over thirty years and Tux was my faithful companion for thirteen of them. I used to come home at noon to see him. One day he took off when I let him out. I looked everywhere and finally had to give up and get back to school. I was so worried. When I returned home that afternoon, there he was on the steps. I was not amused. It was hard to stay mad at something that cute though. I have a new dog now, "Annie", but I still miss Tux and keep his picture on my table. Marian

[Picture, click for full size] Nugget     ( 1982 - 1995 )   loved by Ron and Dianne   Helena, MT
Nugget was my best friend for 13 yrs. The product of a purebred Collie mom and a purebred Shepherd dad, I affectionately referred to her as a Collard or on occasion, a Shepie. Nugget loved to fetch. She just didn't see any reason to bring it back. Nugget did however bring home a variety of unasked for items over the years including a gallon of ice cream, an unopened bag of bird seed, a whole deer (one piece at a time), and a roaster complete with pot holders (the roast seemed to be missing.) She could balance a dog biscuit on her nose and wag her tail on command. Her funniest quirk of all though was the way she ferociously barked at cattle guards (sounded like a dog to her). She kept vigil from the back of my pick up and could spot one a mile away. She'd crouch down just waiting until the truck hit the grate and she'd go ballistic at it. At age 13, Nugget's hips deteriorated until she could no longer enjoy life so my wife and I had to make that difficult decision. We asked our vet to send Nugget to the Bridge from the back of our pick-up where she was the happiest and we did that. Three years later we still bark at all the cattle guards in her honor, which of course alarms our friends if we forget to warn them. We miss you, Nugget. Wait for us at the Bridge, ok? We'll look for you near the cattle guard. Ron and Dianne

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[Picture, click for full size] Sadie     ( 9/27/86 - 1/16/95 )   loved by Dianne, Ron, "Aunt Lizzie", and "Aunt Gladys"   Helena, MT
Sadie was my "Once in a Lifetime Dog". Greatly loved and greatly missed, Sadie loved TV, car rides, sitting in the window waiting for Dad to come home, racing through the house at lightening speed from what we don't know, trips to the Dairy Queen with "Aunt Lizzie", shaking an innocent sock to death, group howls, pack naps with Mom and Dad, and just hanging out in her favorite chair by the wood stove watching the ice skaters with “Aunt Gladys” on a cold winter day. There will never be another Sadie. Good bye, my little Angel. See you at the bridge some day. Love, Mom

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[Picture, click for full size] Harry ( 12 years )   loved by Dianne   Helena, Mt
Harry was a great cat. Never missed a meal. Had enough cat hang to start another cat. I had to keep his food and cat box on top of the washing machine upstairs because my dog has an eating disorder. Whenever I had company, Harry would always go up for a snack, then WHAM as his weight shook the house when he jumped down. I was used to it but this panicked my guests who thought we were having an earthquake. Nope, just Harry having lunch. He especially enjoyed humiliating me by trying to have an intimate relationship with the dog whenever I had guests over. Harry taught me not to take life so seriously. He started to lose ground at age 12 when his kidneys began to fail. On Thanksgiving Day I realized it was probably time to send Harry to the Bridge as he seemed sicker. I prepared myself to take him in the next morning but Harry decided to make his own decisions. Just like a cat. I returned from Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house to find him all curled up in his box, already gone. I miss ya, Harry! See you at the Bridge some day. Love, Dianne

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