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Domestic Short Hair  Color: tortoiseshell
Female spayed, 8 Mo
Turtle the Torti (for tortoiseshell color) is fabulous. She's still a kitten, is very playful and athletic and does this little thing where she stretches out her back legs one at a time . we call it the "turtle stretch". She gets along with everyone, plays with the other cats or by herself, and is a very easy keeper. Although she doesn't like to be held too long she loves being petted and spoiled. She came to LSAR last fall along with 12 siblings and cousins, all of whom have been adopted .along with their 2 moms. Turtle is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every day.and who doesn't need a daily smile. FMI please contact Linda at (406) 883-5978 or email: jimcrawford@centurytel.net .
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