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Kootenai Pets for Life, Inc.
P.O. Box 1454
Libby, MT 59923
See pictures of these and other pets awaiting adoption on the KPFL page. All pets are spayed/neutered & vaccinated. For more info, call (406)-293-KPFL(5735) or email to Adoption showings and pickups can be arranged after hours and on weekends at this number also.
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KPFL is a private, non-profit, no-kill volunteer organization operating strictly from donations, fundraising events & volunteer help. We are dedicated to the care of & finding life-long homes for the stray & abandoned pet population of South Lincoln County. KPFL has recently completed their new shelter in Libby, on County Shop Road. Therefore, we pay for food, supplies, vet care and also clean and maintain the shelter twice daily. We currently have a cooperative agreement with Lincoln County Animal Control to provide shelter to all non-aggressive dogs and cats from south Lincoln County until we find new homes for them. Because of space constraints, we also have pets housed in various foster homes throughout the communities of Libby & Troy. In addition to caring for pets we:

Aggressively promote spay/neuter programs and provide spay/neuter certificates.

Work to improve conditions and provide funding for projects at the local shelters and facilities.

Promote adoption of pets into humane and responsible homes.

Work to reduce euthanasia and end the tragedy of pet overpopulation (1370 pets euthanized in Lincoln county in 2000).

Promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of pets through education in schools, at area events, to civic groups, through radio, television and newspaper articles.

Help people keep their pets by providing behavior training, pet food, pet medical care funding, and pet fostering for people whose need is established.

Provide cat/dog food and cat litter for low income seniors at commodity distributions and for pet owners who are food pantry patrons.

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