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Impound #
DSH  Color: black
Male neutered, Older Adult
Are you tired of brushing your hair everyday? Would you like to free up your hand so you could hold something else, like a pen, a cell phone, or a $1000, instead of your boring hair brush? Do you sometimes miss the back of your head when trying to brush your own hair? Do you like looking fabulous? If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, then R.J. is the cat for you. R.J. is a super friendly kitty who likes to sit where he can reach the back of your hair and then he'll gently "brush" it out with his paws. Spending time in the company of people is what R.J. truly loves. "I can live without many things but I can not survive without human affection and cat food", R.J. commented. "A home to call my own with a loving guardian would be my dream come true. I'm already fixed, have my vaccinations, and I can do a pawsome people hair-do! I'd make someone a wonderful companion." I couldn't agree more R.J.
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